The amount Jenna Ortega received for her role in Wednesday

The amount Jenna Ortega received for her role in Wednesday

The name Jenna Ortega is bouncing around the world following the successful Netflix premiere of “Wednesday,” the series directed by Tim Burton, which follows in the footsteps of the Addams family’s teenage daughter. The 20-year-old actress’s fame and international exposure has since skyrocketed despite already having a career in the works, while at the same time her net worth has grown significantly.

Some North American media have reported on the amount of money Ortega pocketed following the success of the series. According to the data, repeated by various publications, such as Forbes magazine, it is estimated that the young woman would already get an inheritance of about $ 3.5 million for her work on “Wednesday” and other previous productions.

It should be noted that this million amount comes from several of his appearances on screen, some of the most emblematic of which are those that took place in productions such as Jane the Virgin, Iron Man 3 or Scream.

Media outlets such as Cosmopolitan magazine have also claimed that the artist was paid $35,000 for each episode of Merlina. Since the entire implementation consists of a total of eight chapters, the calculation shows that his earnings have increased by at least another $280,000 to more.

Jenna-Marie Ortega began her career as a child actress thanks to the role of the girl Jane Villanueva in the comedy-drama series Jane the Virgin and managed to grow as an interpreter, continuing her participation in the Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle. in which who plays the character of Harley Diaz.

Her leading roles include her portrayal of Ellie Alves in the second season of the series You. She was also one of the protagonists of the family film Yes Day, a Netflix production in 2021.

Jenna was born to parents of Mexican-Puerto Rican descent, the fourth of six children, in a Mexican neighborhood in La Quinta, California in the Coachella Valley. From a young age, acting was her passion and television commercials were the first door that opened her way into the world of cameras and studios.

From an early age she only wanted to be an actress and on the way to her fame her mother was one of the best accomplices. At the age of 9, she was spotted by a casting director thanks to a video her mother posted on Facebook. So, in less than a year, Ortega landed his first role on television, in the short comedy Rob, starring Rob Schneider.

The Dark Charms of Merlina Addams

With the success of Merlina, the centenarian actress is undoubtedly becoming the newest scream queen of the era and is slowly cementing her place as a Gen Z icon. Black dress atop a white blouse, the actress has already become a favorite of many.

“Now I’m inclined to anything that creates disgust or fear, anything that makes the viewer uncomfortable,” Ortega herself revealed in a recent interview with LA NACIÓN in full publicity for her brand new starring role on the show.

The daughter of the Addams family is the focus of attention in this part created by Tim Burton. The young adult series follows Merlina as she studies at the creepy Nevermore Academy when she realizes she has psychic abilities and tries to learn how to use them. The cranky and mischievous teenager will also be on a mission to save the city from a monstrous massacre while trying to unravel the mystery that implicated her parents 25 years ago.