The American, who was exonerated after 30 years in prison, dies five months after his release

a man who was released after serving 30 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, died five months after being released.

Claude Francis Garrett, 65, spent three decades behind bars at the Maximum Security Institution in Riverbend, Tennessee, USA. Murdered his girlfriend Lorie Lee Lance in 1993 in a suspected arson attack. He was released in May this year after previously disregarded evidence showed he was innocent, as Claude had claimed from the start.

“The last 5 months Claude has enjoyed his freedom”She wrote this on Twitter to her friend and journalist Liliana Segura, who followed the whole case after her death. “He savored every moment with his daughter Deana and especially with his grandson who he absolutely adored.”She added.

The American, said Liliana, “died sleeping” at home, last Sunday (30.10.).

In May, shortly before the release, Claude Fracis’ daughter told local newspaper The Tennessean:

“We had a whole conversation about cell phones and how they work. Let us help you reintegrate into society.”

Claude Francis Garrett Claude Francis Garrett Photo: Reproduction

Claude Francis Garrett Claude Francis Garrett Photo: Publicity/Innocence Project

After his death, Deana Watson published a letter about her father:

“Claude had plans. He wanted the state to be held accountable for his wrongful conviction. He wanted compensation survive this.”