The Almada brothers This is what Fernando looks like today

The Almada brothers: This is what Fernando looks like today, the Mexican film actor who "task" to Mario

In the story of Mexican cinema lthe names of “The Almada Brothers” They are written in gold letters because they were the greatest exponents of action movies in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Mario established himself as a leading man in the industry Fernando He decided “leave himshaping his life away from the camera. The latter stayed away from the artistic medium until he reemerged some time ago and this is how he looks now.

The national cinematography had various stages over the years, one of which was mexican western Chili Western, name for the films inspired by the American Old West themesbut which took a turn thanks to the creativity of the country’s producers and actors as they tried Cops, drug dealers and even politicians.

Mario and Fernando Almada shot Mexican westerns Photo: Special

Fernando Almada, the first to debut in cinema

According to records Fernando Almada he was the first to venture into the artistic medium, for while studying engineering at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) he took voice and vocal classes; He found his passion and left his career to focus on the industry, which is why he managed to work on the radio show as “Serenades of Yesterday and Today”.

In 1959 he had his first chance in “Miracle of Saint Martin de Porres“, a movie with Sarah Montielwho was the highest paid actress in Cine de Oro, as well as with rose of castile, Lorena Velázquez and Andres Soler. This was followed by other projects on the big screen until he joined his brother in the 60s, Armando, for him to be his producer and screenwriter and thus make his own stories.

The film “The Witch’s Riders‘, from 1965, marked the debut of the duet known as ‘Los Hermanos Almada’, as it was in this film when Armando joined Mario as the protagonist. Later films like “All for free”(1968), which was highly acclaimed for winning eight Silver Goddesses, as well as “That’s why”which were manufactured, among other things, under his company “Producciones Almada”.

Why did Fernando Almada ‘abandon’ Mario Almada?

The brothers formed a career together, but also hThey made some projects separately, Good Mario Almada he had to act in television melodramas. Overall the co-star of “The Tunco Maclovio” He has recorded more than 380 productions over the course of his career while Fernando produced around 156 which may be due to his retirement at the beginning of the new century as he made his last film in 2001 “The pot king“.

Fernando Almada decided to escape from the artistic world, he even made no statement when his brother Mario he died October 4, 2016. Only in 2020, a Facebook page published a photo of the actor with the diva of Mexican cinema Isela Wegathe picture shows the actor, who was already around 90 years old, because it must be remembered that the actor was born on February 26, 1931.

Fernando Almada with Isela Vega in 2020 FB Tampico Paparazzi


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