The alleged perpetrator of the Cutlass beatings at Le Moule

The alleged perpetrator of the Cutlass beatings at Le Moule is in police custody RCI.FM

The emergency services intervened this Saturday at the beginning of the afternoon for stab wounds on rue Rosan Girard in the town of Le Moule. The 30-year-old victim did not survive. The alleged perpetrator of the attack was arrested a few minutes later by the gendarmes, who immediately took him into police custody at the Moule Brigade.

According to our information, the suspect is already known to the services, but we do not know the official reason for the dispute at this time, some witnesses’ testimonies would provoke a dispute about the sale of a scooter. Something to confirm. Prosecutor Patrick Desjardins has also indicated that a communication will be made at the end of the hearings.

The accused drove away on two wheels after his horrific gesture, according to videos that were widely shared on social networks in the hour that followed. Remember that spreading and sharing such violent scenes is a criminal offense. Internet users who pass on these sequences, which were apparently filmed by viewers, are also prosecuted.

Finally, note that another stab was observed 15 minutes later, still in Moule but in ladies’ court. A 43-year-old man suffered a head injury but his life does not appear to be in danger. It remains to be seen whether there is a connection with the previous case.