The Age of Minority Revenge

The Age of Minority Revenge

Today I want to talk to you about a risky subject. I’m sure I’ll be pelted with tomatoes and hear a shiver of insults. You know, the ones that are sent in your face to silence the debate: homophobic, racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic and so on.

The more I look at this world, the more I am convinced that the 21st century will be one of minorities’ revenge. It’s fair game. There needs to be a rebalancing of forces, but I pick up on when certain minorities behave like the dominant ones they denounce.

Let’s take a recent example: the Montreal Pride march and the rejection of the SPVM. The reasons given? The police raids of the 1960s and 1990s: Despite the SPVM’s apology in 2017, nothing helped. This is what overwhelms me from an organization that strives for inclusion.

The police and the army on parade, nonsense!

If the parade had not been cancelled, the army would have officially participated in uniform. Under the condition of appearing without uniform, the SQ would have already made such a request, and the SPVM almost went to its knees. I fall off my chair!

Since when have state organizations been involved in political events? That members parade without uniform in their personal name, but officially from there. Does the neutrality of government agencies only apply to religions?

A word on claims

This event often gives rise to claims. which is honorable. Here’s one that keeps baffling me: the decriminalization of non-disclosure of HIV infection.

There is no specific provision in the Criminal Code for this type of conduct. It was the Supreme Court in 1998 that forced HIV-positive people to disclose their condition before having sex, at the risk of being charged with serious sexual assault; the maximum sentence is life imprisonment. At that time, the risk of serious bodily harm was prosecuted and only replaced by a “realistic possibility of HIV transmission” in 2012. In other words, if your viral load is low and you’re using a condom, you can shut up. In Quebec, if the person is treated and their viral load is maintained at 200 copies/mL, there are no longer any prosecutions. Condom use doesn’t matter…

Another demand that is like a door opener: to change the school curriculum for sex education by emphasizing diversity. Just for the record, at my son’s school, they kept banging on about gender differences. I’m also losing my wits: LGBTQ2+. At this rate, all the letters of the alphabet will be traversed by the end of this century. There is no longer a mother or father in the registration forms. It’s parent 1 or 2. An apple turnover with it?

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