The 6 most absurd taxes in the world;  You Won’t Believe It     Notice Concursos Brasil

The 6 most absurd taxes in the world; You Won’t Believe It Notice Concursos Brasil

All citizens are revolting against the high tax rates levied by the government. However, the practice is common around the world and has always been used throughout history. Check out some of the most absurd taxes man has ever seen around the world:

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1 Tax on urine

You didn’t read it wrong, but do you know that this is a very old tax, dating back to the Roman Empire. At that time, urine was used in some commercial processes as it was a product rich in ammonia. Therefore, people stayed near public toilets to catch the “pee” of others. The Empire decided to tax such collectors.

2 Indian women paid taxes for covering their breasts

Indian women who didn’t want to walk around with their breasts on display in 1924 had to pay tribute as a British colony. Lowerclass women were the target of this absurd law. And worst of all, the bigger the boobs, the bigger the toll they had to pay.

3 taxes per child

Another strange tax that was once levied around the world was in Japan. Families who had more children than the law allowed should pay tribute. In China, on the other hand, taxes had to be paid if there were fewer than two heirs. The same happened in the Soviet Union after World War II.

4 tax for high treason

As early as the Middle Ages, the Crown of Great Britain decided to levy taxes on the lower classes of society. The aim is to generate taxes in extramarital relationships.

5 Single person has to pay

It may seem strange, but several places around the world have taxed single men. In England 1695 men over 25 who were single had to pay for it.

6 television

If you ever want to travel to England, you should know that residents there pay almost R$ 1,000 every year to watch freetoair TV channels on any device.