The 5 most important telenovelas by Ivonne Montero from “The House of the Famous 2”

The 5 most important telenovelas by Ivonne Montero from “The House of the Famous 2”

In which last week of nominationsThe production of “The House of the Famous 2” surprised the send to the elimination round all participants, with the exception of Ivonne Montero, who went straight to the grand finale from the Telemundo reality show.

And it so happens that despite being the least controversy provoking actress in the program, the actress has remained firm, twice immune and twice nominated until becoming a straight finalist and a great contender for inclusion 200 thousand dollars.

However, alongside her participation in The House of Celebrities, the 48-year-old actress is recognized for her time in various Mexican soap operas and films.

Ivonne Montero has become the first finalist of the second season of "the house of the famous" (Photo: Telemundo)Ivonne Montero is the first finalist for season 2 of The House of Celebrities (Picture: Telemundo)


cheeky love

After several productions in Mexico, the actress made the leap to the USA and starred in Telemundo’s “Amor descarado” in 2003.

“The moment I decided to pack my suitcase to go there was with the idea of ​​not going back,” confessed Ivonne on the show Historias Engarzadas. “I arrive in Miami and I immediately feel surrounded by the people I arrive with, I make friends immediately and there is a communion between productions because it was the first telenovela produced by Telemundo (in Miami). “

Montero starred in the production Bathsheba Galdamezthe co-star with Bárbara Mori.

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Anita, don’t worry

A year after “cheeky love“, would arrive”Anita, don’t worry‘, a telenovela which, according to Montero, has ‘brought about so many wonderful things’ and assured that ‘it was one of the most endearing and beautiful projects of my career’.

In the production, the actress brought to life Ana Guerrero, the protagonist of the story, and had her as her partner Jorge Enrique Abellothe unforgettable heartthrob from “I’m Betty the Ugly”.

Ivonne Montero and Jorge Enrique Abello played the leading roles "Anita, don't worry" (Photo: Telenovelasmania)Ivonne Montero and Jorge Enrique Abello starred in “Anita do not rajes” (Photo: Telenovelasmania)

no shame

By 2007, already consolidated in soap operas, Montero was part of “Sin vergüenza”, a soap opera produced by Telemundo and RTI in Colombia.

In this production, the actress took on the role of Maite contrarasand shared lead roles with Gaby Espino, Margarita Ortega and Paola Toyos.

Ivonne Montero was one of the protagonists of "no shame" (Photo: Telemundo / Facebook)Ivonne Montero was one of the protagonists of “Sin Shame” (Photo: Telemundo / Facebook)

lord of the air 4

After his participation in “no shame“, Montero would only appear in four productions (“Valeria”, “Secretos del alma”, “La loba” and “Man you had to be”) in ten years, until helord of the air 4″.

In the fourth season, Montero played Connie, the lover of Aurelio Casillas Rafael Amaya and mother to Nikki, one of her children.

Ivonne Montero played Connie in "lord of the air 4" (Photo: Telemundo)Ivonne Montero played Connie in Lord of the Skies 4 (Photo: Telemundo)

Malverde: the patron saint

The latest Telemundo production that Ivonne Montero has acted in and the one that probably required the most her experience as an actress as she has to wear period clothes in a series set in the 19th century.

The actress starred in Malverde: The Patron Saint Angel Serrano.

The actress attended "Malverde"a historical series (Photo: Ivonne Montero / Facebook)The actress took part in “Malverde”, a historical series (Photo: Ivonne Montero / Facebook)