The 49ers and Vikings’ joint practices are “a waste of time,” believes Brandon Aiyuk

The 49ers and Vikings’ joint practices are “a waste of time,” believes Brandon Aiyuk

EAGAN, Minnesota — Brandon Aiyuk wasn’t thrilled with how the 49ers’ joint drills with the Minnesota Vikings were unfolding.

Kyle Shanahan’s approach to practice was to keep the offense relatively simple without any game planning. Without a specific offensive scheme, quarterback Trey Lance and offense was stunted throughout the two sessions, leaving Aiyuk frustrated.

“It was good work, it was good work against someone else, different environment, but I didn’t like it,” Aiyuk said Thursday. “I feel like it was a waste of time – personally. It was definitely boring.”

Aiyuk was a standout player throughout training camp on the field with all three quarterbacks on the team. The third-year receiver has developed chemistry with Lance in particular after the pair spent much of the offseason training together.

On Thursday, Aiyuk was targeted four times, once meeting backup QB Nate Sudfeld. The Arizona State product stated that he can’t wait for Shanahan to really start offensive game planning with more exotic looks.

“I feel like it was a bit boring because it was a bit of Day 1 stuff,” Aiyuk said. “The basics. I was a bit irritated because I’d only touched the ball about three times in the last two days, but that’s beside the point.”

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Aiyuk understands the intent behind what Shanahan and the coaching staff had planned for each practice session, but he’s ready for more detailed work, let alone getting his hands on the ball.

Until the game design becomes more complicated and specific, Aiyuk will keep working hard and improving every day. To say he’s eager might be an understatement.

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