The 4 saddest zodiac signs with easy tears    and no, cancer is not one of them

The 4 saddest zodiac signs with easy tears and no, cancer is not one of them

What could be the saddest or most tearful zodiac sign? Astrologers report 4, but Cancer is not one of them.

After some convictions, we experienced this a few days ago blue monday, the saddest day of the year. but There are some zodiac signs that are much more likely to be sad.

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We could imagine more emotional or sensitive personalities like Cancers. In reality, according to experts, there are other signs that show more sadness than others. But also a kind of perpetual melancholy, lightness of shock and chronic discouragement.

IS normal the in some moments of life we ​​are down because unfortunately we also have to experience unpleasant situations. Sometimes it’s not so much the severity of an event that makes us feel bad, but a sequence of events and experiences that sap our positive energies.

However, it seems to be more common in some subjects, and according to astrologers, the “blame” is on astral affiliation. Let’s find out what they are.

The 4 saddest zodiac signs and with the easy tear are some unexpected

We probably all have friends who do this They are moved when they see romantic movies, and it is absolutely normal. But even at sporting events, some people just can’t hold back their tears. Is that an exaggeration? It is not at all easy to understand how everyone experiences the emotional sphere, nor is it inappropriate to judge.

But we can Consult the mysteries of astrology to understand the reasons why some zodiac signs are more melancholy than others.

  • According to experts, fourth place goes to i bull. Those born with the sign are strong personalities, maybe it would be better to say “stubborn”, but that doesn’t protect them from sadness. It especially happens when Taurus are confronted with changes they didn’t anticipate. They also often refuse to step out of their “comfort zone” and take events too personally. The result is a regularly felt sadness.
  • Only i could be in the third place weight scale. Those born under the sign are known to want balance and justice for all. But it’s really impossible to achieve that, at least in our world, that’s why Libras can’t stop feeling sad and desolate.
  • In second place are i instead Fish. We know that those born in the sign are ultra-sensitive and “compulsive” tissue users, especially in romantic films. But the sign’s natives can’t hold back tears even during cartoons or soccer games. There is nothing to do, they are like that and we can only guarantee them cuddles and hugs. In fact, there are suitable signs for this “task”..
  • The podium, however, assign the experts to an unexpected: i Virgo. This may seem very strange as those born in the sign are notoriously precise and calculating. Actually, we should add impenetrable and mysterious. In front of a Virgo it is very difficult to understand whether she is thinking, making a devilish plan or suffering for something. But precisely because they tend to “think too much” and because they are very intelligent beings, they are often struck by melancholy and mild depression.

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