The 3rd link, condition for admission to the CAQ club

The 3rd link, condition for admission to the CAQ club

At the CAQ, you can call yourself sovereign, federal, autonomist, left, right, conservative, liberal, you name it!

We can even say “elsewhere”.

But where you need to be, where you need to have your feet firmly planted in the concrete, it’s on the 3rd link between Quebec and Lévis.

This strange project became a condition for joining the CAQ club.

No rescue from the 3rd link!


After Caroline St-Hilaire, it was Martine Biron’s turn to convert to the 3rd member catechism. From a “backward” and “electoral” project, it is now “necessary” and “popular.”

Even more painful is the political marketing served to us for the project.

At first it was said without laughing that it was a sustainable and CO2-neutral development project. Our Environment Minister, no one else, believes he will curb urban sprawl. Beautiful openness!

Now it is said that the opponents were out of “contempt” for the “2. metropolitan Quebec. It is a new CAQ discovery: Who would want to be against the development of a second metropolis?

The 3rd link is no longer just a road project.

It has mutated into something political and identity-based.

For lack of usefulness and arguments, we take refuge in perceptions: war against the car, contempt for Quebec, it’s Quebec’s turn …

Traffic and environmental studies are therefore not required, they are therefore being carried out, as PM Legault reiterates.

This project sucks because it offers a concentrate of the CAQ’s irritants: ecological frivolity, relentless defense of the status quo, and excessive clientelism.


The government is beginning to defend this project alone.

Régis Labeaume doesn’t believe it. Neither does Claude Villeneuve, leader of the opposition in Quebec. We suspect current Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand doesn’t think about it when he shaves in the morning. And to this day, no environmental and urban planning expert supports them.

What else can we say other than risk keeping this financially ridiculous and ecologically disastrous project in the legacy of CAQ.

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