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The 10 travel trends for 2023: choose your favourite!

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The year has barely started and how are we doing already? Plan trips! After all, what better way to fill 365 blank pages than experiences? Especially with the number of planned extended holidays! The good news is that the nature of travel is subject to change, according to the travel trends for 2023 pointed out by those who understand.

Yes, we will have no less than seven long holidays this year. Full plate for short trips and even a longer distance. You don’t have to spend that much, because there are several ways to save on your trip without sacrificing the fun. In fact, economy and sustainability should guide travel over the next 12 months.

So when we talk about travel trends for 2023, we mean, for example, destinations that lead to environmental awareness or family planning. Also the reintroduction of Asian countries among the itinerary options, in addition to refined regions for those who want something more exclusive.

10 travel trends for 2023

After two years of stagnation due to the COVID19 pandemic, tourism has recovered in recent months. To illustrate, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) pointed to a 172% increase in international tourists traveling around the world between January and July 2022 compared to the same period last year.

On the other hand, the “new normal” seems to be here to stay, which is also reinventing the way we travel. After all, we’ve been through a pandemic that’s caused us to reconsider even how we view life and relationships with people. Come and see how it affects them Travel trends for 2023.

family outings

Wow, but family travel has always been around, so how can it be a trend for 2023? We were isolated and isolated for almost two years, only keeping in touch with uncles, aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers via phone or video calls. Now it’s time to reconnect and make up for lost time.

Therefore, multigenerational trips this year should bring everything with them to awaken memories and build new ones.

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trips to the beach

Good thing we live in a country with an expansive coastline and, let’s face it, beautiful! Well, beach vacations will be a travel trend in 2023. There travelers can find the relaxation of the sea, sunbathe, wash away bad energy with the waves and spend quality time outdoors.

experience excursions

You know that journey that literally transforms you by promoting a true journey of selfdiscovery? This type of experience is also part of travel trends for 2023. From spas and wellness retreats to routes along the Camino de Santiago or monasteries in Tibet, the idea is to lead to inner connections and connections with nature or local culture.

That includes trips to a digital detox after so many virtual calls. By the way, this type of tourism fits perfectly into the concept of slow travel, which is opposed to just visiting the main tourist attractions. The aim is to immerse the traveler in the local culture, including the issues locals face and how they live.

travel sustainably

Sustainability and environmental awareness are a consequence of concern about climate change and respect for natural resources. Of course, this also applies to travel. What may surprise you is that the trend has expanded into the luxury market.

Hence, there is a promise to focus on high quality products that are sustainable at the same time. For example, traveling on lowemission trains, hotels made from recyclable materials and visiting indigenous people.

However, conscious travel is not limited to luxury tourism. On the contrary, the formation of groups of socalled educational trips is increasing. There are routes that pass, for example, the glaciers of Ushuaia and show the effects of global warming on icebergs.

Asia’s Return to Screenwriting

Not that Asia has been forgotten, but 2023 promises that the continent will once again be among the most popular travel itineraries for travellers. The fact is that due to the pandemic, the region was the first to close its borders and the reopening has been gradual. Just to give an example: Japan started welcoming tourists again at the end of 2022.

Now packages for temples, festivals, climbing and trails in Asian countries are back. There is no lack of experience there.

Travel inspired by television

Who didn’t want to fly to Paris and see the attractions posted on Emily’s Instagram? Or travel to Spain on board a yacht, as in Inventando Anna? If you also know the locations of House of Dragon, Wandinha and Bridgeton?

Yes, series and films still inspire travelers today and should remain a trend in 2023. Ever thought of taking a picture of Forgot Me in front of Kevin’s house?


Cruises remain one of the travel trends for 2023, having been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. After all, how can thousands of travelers live in a closed environment for so long while a potentially transmissible virus circulates?

In fact, biosecurity protocols have been strengthened and onboard experience has changed. The aim is to lure passengers on an unforgettable journey on the high seas.

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domestic travel

One consequence of the pandemic has been an increase in domestic travel due to entry restrictions for tourists. And even though the borders have been reopened, the trend continues towards national destinations.

For both vacation and longer vacations, people are expected to get to know their own country better. As a result, reservations at inns and resorts, as well as car rentals, are increasing.

All Inclusive Packages

Would you like something better than arriving at the resort and not worrying about consumption since everything is already paid for in the package? Yes, allinclusive resorts will be one of the travel trends for 2023. But not only her!

The last two years have been a mess with so many cancellations, delays and blockages. In Brazil (and other parts of the world) we still had a flight strike and lost baggage mess.

Therefore, the ease of concluding everything over the Internet gives way to the specialist, that is, travel agencies. The person programs their entire itinerary, from ticket reservation to tour confirmation.

solo travel

Traveling alone is by no means synonymous with loneliness. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to get to know one another, enjoy one’s company and gain selfconfidence. In addition, you can meet new people and enjoy attractions at your own pace and taste. Therefore, solo travel is a trend for 2023.

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Already packed?

Have you seen how travel trends for 2023 reflect how we’ve changed in the face of the pandemic? We rethink how we treat others, respect the environment and even get to know our own country better.

So enjoy the holidays, plan your vacations and plan your travel itineraries for this year. If you want a little nudge, browse our travel destination tips, e.g. B. Hotels by the sea, popcorn beaches in Spain and castles in Canada.

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