That’s why it’s customary to put two balls of aluminum foil in the freezer    Giornal

That’s why it’s customary to put two balls of aluminum foil in the freezer Giornal

The freezer is one of the most annoying things to clean in the kitchen, especially as it creates frost and ice that is difficult to remove. But today’s news is that tinfoil will save you. Aluminum foil is a great companion in the kitchen: it is used to store food optimally, helps when cooking dishes in the oven, but also with many other secret functions.

One of these works with the freezer, another great ally of all kitchens, helping us keep groceries fresh when we stock up. To defrost and then clean a freezer, you usually have to empty it out, turn it off and melt all that pesky ice that has built up, which also hinders optimal food preservation and also prevents it from closing. To make this easier, there is a trick that not everyone knows: aluminum foil.

That’s why it’s common practice to put two balls of aluminum foil in the freezer

It really is that easy to use: just grab some sheets of aluminum foil covering all the sides of the freezer, certainly when ice is low and we’re not talking huge blocks. Once this is done you can put all the products back in their place, the aluminum foil will take effect and the ice will only settle on the sides without affecting the food.

Then it’s easy to remove the leaves, keeping the freezer clean. An ideal idea to keep your freezer always perfect, sure to save a lot of time. Then another method of defrosting the freezer, if the frost is not too severe, is to use a jet of hot water and soaked towels, always hot. This way you help the ice melt and you can clean each compartment well.

Aside from defrosting the freezer, other things can happen when using this appliance. For example, frozen fruits and vegetables sometimes lose their original flavor and become less palatable. To avoid this, simply cover the walls of the freezer or the special inner drawer with sponges: because the sponge can absorb moisture without it reaching the products.

The trick with the tin foil is therefore explained here. If you follow the steps we have explained, you will see how the aluminum foil will help you and not a little in cleaning your freezer.