Thats why Antonino Spinalbese left GF Vip Trend onlinecom

That’s why Antonino Spinalbese left GF Vip Trend

Antonino Spinalbese is certainly one of the great protagonists of this Big Brother Vip, if not one of them Characters most appreciated by the public. Therefore, in the last few hours, many have been surprised not to see him in the house anymore.

The reasons that made Antonino move away from Big Brother are complex and painful naturebut at the same time essential. So let’s find out why Antonino Spinalbese left the Gf and what this choice entails.

Antonino Spinalbese reveals why he left Big Brother

Antonino Spinalbese had expressed his desire to get away from the Big Brother house several times in recent weeks, albeit for two different reasons.

On the one hand, Spinalbese had repeatedly expressed his sorrow over the distance from his daughter Luna Maria fact that had prompted many fans to ask Belen to take the little girl to her father.

A discussion in this regard had prompted Spinalbese, among other things, to distance itself from it Orianawith which at first a sentimental understanding seemed to have been born.

Another key figure in Antonino’s journey was then Geneva Lamborghiniwhich had impressed the hairdresser very much.

Lately, however, the most pressing reason that had prompted Antonino to mention the need to leave the house had been his health.

In fact, Antonino Spinalbese suffers from a disease of the pancreas, which means that despite his young age, he already has all the characteristics of the Pancreas of an elderly persona fact that forces him to follow a controlled diet.

Spinalbese also revealed that he has one coccyx cystwhich, due to its precarious position, can also prove to be quite dangerous.

Finally, in March 2022, Spinalbese had told about suffering from one autoimmune diseaseeven if he hadn’t specified the type.

It’s not so surprising at this point that the production of Big Brother Vip Antonino made this possible leave the house for medical examinations.

In recent weeks, however, there has also been criticism from fans for Antonino’s decision, especially with regard to his handling of family relationships.

Farewell for a time: Then Antonino returns to the GF

Since Spinalbese was not at home for medical reasons, his return is very likely it won’t be long in coming. But much will also depend on the results of the tests.

In fact, Spinalbese has never explained what his autoimmune disease is, but it is known that this pathology affects the upper part of the intestine. so it’s not out of the question that it could be Crohn’s disease.

This pathology causes chronic inflammation of the intestines, which can sometimes be aggravated by generation pustules and fistulas inside the intestinal wall.

So if Antonino’s health had deteriorated in this sense, it would be necessary to wait a certain amount of time before seeing him again in the Big Brother house.

However, medical examinations may be more about that cystand in this case the situation could be resolved more quickly, of course if everything is normal.

In any case, since Big Brother hasn’t given any further hints yet, it can be assumed that Antonino’s absence will continue less than a week otherwise, a few more comments would probably have followed.

Instead, what seems almost certain is this the meeting with Ginevra LamborghiniHe, ready to return as a guest for a week, becomes much more insecure at this point.

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