That hug from the child to the stray dog ​​and the cuddles of the other four  legged friends on the street

That hug from the child to the stray dog ​​and the cuddles of the other four legged friends on the street

Ibrahim was on his way to school in the Chechen city of Grozny when he saw two stray dogs warming themselves in the morning sun. He could easily have continued on his way, regardless of her. Instead, he stopped and gave them a gesture that was as simple as it was profound: he hugged one and caressed the other while they remained motionless to savor this moment of infinite sweetness.

Then Ibrahim takes a few steps, turns around, looks at her. The two dogs have stood there and look at him in turn. So the little boy returns his steps and gives another hug and other caresses.

Ibrahim certainly did not believe that at that moment someone from a nearby house was watching him, and more than that, he did not know that this person filmed those few seconds and then shared them on the social network and improved the lives of everyone who would watch him .

A boy stops to hug stray dogs when he thinks no one is watching

That hug from the child to the stray dog ​​and

“I saw the video. This is Ibrahim – Katerina, a friend of Ibrahim’s family, told The Dodo, adding that the scene reflects his selfless spirit well. He goes to school with my daughter and helps her carry her bag. He’s a very friendly boy. ‘

And this video, shared on Facebook, brings back a very profound thought about the relationship that can exist between children and animals: “Kindness and love. Nevertheless it happens! heart sank! That’s very nice to see. Especially against the background of cruelty, anger and indifference (including on the part of children) to which people who help homeless animals are constantly subjected! – reads the post -. We often hear: “My child is afraid of dogs; these stray dogs scared my son; dogs bark and startle; they walk next to our children – it’s dangerous, it’s scary; they are big and scary; They can infect my child with something, they can bite, they … they … and if … I see again and I shoot, I will kill … “Why are your children afraid of dogs Tragic events related to dogs) Although an analogy can be drawn here, for example, you don’t start hating all motorists and their cars after you have an accident … – this is an accident, it happens … but it is It’s not.Children are afraid of dogs, because next to them there are adults who have set them up in such a way that fear, hatred, aggression appear in children!Because your children listen to words from YOU (not from dogs) who are aggressive towards themselves bring and anger – that’s scary!’

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