Thanks to a documentary on Netflix a killer has been

Thanks to a documentary on Netflix, a killer has been identified 28 years after the facts RMC Crime

28 years after the death of an octogenarian in upstate New York, a man has been identified as her killer. If he killed himself during the investigation, it was his ex-girlfriend who put the investigators on the track.

New York State Police have just identified the person responsible for the 1994 murder of an octogenarian, thanks to a show on Netflix. Even though it hasn’t been possible for nearly 30 years to understand what happened to Wilomeana Filkins, 81, who was found dead at her home in East Greenbush, USA, agents have managed to connect the facts. The prime suspect was 17 years old at the time of the murder.

According to information revealed to Fox News by the detective sergeant in charge of this investigation, it was the prime suspect’s ex-girlfriend that led investigators to this lead. And with good reason, a few years earlier, his former companion had made revelations to him about an elderly lady.

“She was watching a show about unsolved murders on Netflix and a case caught her attention. She started googling various things and saw that Jeremiah had been living in East Greenbush at the time of the murder. Then she put the pieces together. Once we received this information, we were able to take a peek into Jeremiah’s life.”

He commits suicide to escape the truth

An investigation is launched to find out if the man is really involved in the murder of the octogenarian. After the revelations of his ex-girlfriend, the police interrogated Jeremiah in 2019. In view of these allegations, he was “defensive” and visibly “very upset,” said the crime sergeant.

The next day, investigators learned that he had committed suicide in his garage. Even after his death, his DNA fingerprint was taken. Thanks to this sample, the police officers were able to compare it with a fingerprint found on the victim’s coffee table. The DNA traces revealed that it was indeed Wilomeana Filkins’ murderer.