Thalía has a great body in front of the pool with an elegant trikini that highlights the silhouette she holds

Thalía has a great body in front of the pool with an elegant trikini that highlights the silhouette she holds

Thalía flaunted her stylized figure in front of the pool in a sleek swimsuit with which his fans confirmed that he is in top form.

Following the controversy sparked by his alleged failure to support his sister Laura Zapata with the cost of their grandmother’s funeral, Thalia She continues to cause a stir on social media with her countless appearances, for which she has even been profiled as one of the spoiled celebs and is currently amassing millions of followers.

This is like, convinced of the beauty she has at 50, paralyzed Instagram with a video where he showed off a great body while sunbathing at her home in the United States, showing that she is not only a talented actress and singer, but also continues to maintain a spectacular silhouette.

She sat by the pool and shook her long hair while wearing an elegant one-piece swimsuit in shades of pink, purple and gold, the protagonist of the Marías trilogy explained that one of the seasons she enjoys the most is summer.

total beauty‘, ‘Divine’, ‘Great Body’, ‘The most beautiful actress in Mexico‘, ‘Forever Perfect’, ‘You’re a Dream’, ‘Always beautiful‘ were just a few of the compliments Tommy Mottola’s wife received.

And it is that the success she has achieved is not only limited to Instagram, because in the same weekend the Mexican artist celebrated that she has already done it 11 million followers on TikTokfor which he thanked his fans for the support they have given him over the years and for making him even consider them real family.

“11 million on Tiktok waooooo! My beloved #Thalifans, you fill me with so much love, so much joy every day! Thanks to the people who joined my Thali family on TikTokwho come and share my occurrences. I love you,” he wrote alongside the short note in which he recalled some successes he had on this platform, like the time he was called La Doña, María Félix or the recent #MarimarChallenge.

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