Thai restaurant sued for serving food quotFood too spicy for

Thai restaurant sued for serving food "Food too spicy for humans" School education

Popular Thai restaurant Coup de Thai in Los Gatos, California is facing a lawsuit. A customer claims she suffered “permanent bodily harm” from one of her extremely spicy dishes, the famous “Dragon Balls.”

Harjasleen Walia, a San Josearea neurologist and a customer of the restaurant, filed the complaint with Supreme Court of Santa Clara County, for negligence and emotional distress. Understand the situation below!

Pepper, lots of pepper

According to the lawsuit, Walia visited the restaurant on July 15, 2021 and ordered the “Dragon Balls” appetizer, despite not tolerant of very spicy dishes.

The court consists of meatballs Chicken breast prepared with spring onions, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, pepper and rice.

Coup de Thai’s online menu alerts customers to the spiciness of the dish, accompanied by a picture of a Red pepperwhich indicates the degree of sharpness.

Shortly after trying the dish, Walia reported intense burning in her mouth, throat, nose and palate, describing the experience as “intense burning, like she was on fire”.

The lawsuit alleges that the client suffered chemical burns to her vocal cords, the middle turbinate of her right nostril, and her esophagus, resulting in permanent damage to her body.


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The lawsuit also mentions that the restaurant I was unprepared to deal with the customer’s negative reaction. In addition, it is claimed that more than two dozen people, including waiters, chefs, bartenders and shoppers, can be held responsible for influencing, designing, preparing or participating in the creation of the dish in question.

The Thai hotness scale rates the pepper used in Dragon Balls at 50,000 to 250,000 hotness units, making it significantly hotter than the jalapeƱo pepper, which ranges between 2,500 and 5,000 hotness units.

Renowned for attracting customers in search of intense gastronomic experiences, Coup de Thai restaurant promises “true revolutions of the senses”. Thai cousin authentic.

Dragon balls are a popular item on the menu and have received rave reviews from many satisfied customers who have described the delicacy as ‘heavenly’.

The plaintiff customer, Harjasleen Walia, is seeking compensation for general damages, as well as medical expenses, lost earnings and court costs arising from the damage caused by the harsh court. At the time of writing, neither Walia nor Coup de Thai have publicly responded to requests for comment.

The case underscores restaurants’ responsibility to provide clear information about the pepper content in dishes and underscores the importance of diners being aware of their dietary preferences and personal restrictions before ordering.

Still, the Dragon Balls controversy highlights the fine line between offering authentic dining experiences and ensuring customer safety and satisfaction.

The outcome of this process could have a significant impact on the food industry and restaurants serving spicy dishes.