Tetbury the village rich in history and natural beauty SiViaggia

Tetbury, the village rich in history and natural beauty SiViaggia

Charming houses overlooking narrow stone streets, beautiful old churches and historic residences surrounded by nature: Tetbury is a small English village where time seems to have stood still and life flows much more smoothly. Right here, a stone’s throw from the city, is even the delightful royal residence of the Dukes of Cornwall, where King Charles III. and his wife Camilla often go on vacation. Let’s find out what the many wonders of Tetbury are.

Tetbury, the beautiful old town

A walk through the streets of historic center of Tetbury, breathe in the atmosphere of a thriving and lush past: the small English town in Gloucestershire indeed has a centuries-old history, with roots 1,300 years ago when it was founded. In the Middle Ages it experienced its golden age and became one of the main markets for wool and yarn in the Cotswolds – a record that is still remembered to this day traditional competition that includes all residents.

There is much beautiful architecture that has been beautifully preserved despite the passage of time. Like them Church of Santa Maria Vergine, a magnificent neo-Gothic masterpiece built in the late 18th century on what was once an old Anglo-Saxon monastery. Its majestic facade is dominated by a 57-meter spire that dominates the entire village. There are also many to be admired in the narrow streets of Tetbury Small houses converted into shopswhich keep their austere look and some very valuable details (such as wooden floors and large windows).

Not to be missed for those who visit the village is also there Tetbury Market House, a neoclassical building erected in the second half of the 17th century and enlarged in the following centuries. Originally it served as a wool and yarn market, but later it served completely different functions: it became the town hall, housed the court and even housed the prisons where petty criminals were held. Today it is still in use and remains on the ground floor meeting point and marketplace.

What is there to see near Tetbury?

If the historic center of Tetbury It is a real gem, there are many other surprises for tourists in the area. Set in the lush Gloucestershire countryside are old noble residences of great value. One of them is the Chavenage House, which perfectly evokes the canons of the Elizabethan style, built on a large estate in the 15th century. It regularly opens its doors to the public, albeit in limited numbers, and can therefore be admired its ornate rooms with rich tapestries and an impressive ballroom.

The most famous residence is but Highgrove house, bought in 1980 as a country house for the Dukes of Cornwall, just a few miles from Princess Anne’s. For many years he has welcomed Carlo and Camilla, but now that the former has become king ownership has passed to his son William and his wife Kate. The lush gardens surrounding the house have long been open to the public for guided tours, which run between April and October. Not far away, for nature lovers, there is westonbirt: It is the largest arboretum in the UK, housing over 15,000 specimens of plants and shrubs and 17 miles of trails.