TESTIMONY. "A crime boss dissolved my little brother in acid"

TESTIMONY. "A crime boss dissolved my little brother in acid"

The innocent teenager was kidnapped because his father would testify against the “boss of bosses”. On January 16, 2023, the Sicilian Matteo Messina Denaro finally happened Stop after 30 years of stalking in a hospital in Palermo, Sicily. The leader of the Sicilian mafia, also known as “The Devil”, did therapy under a false name for colon cancer. When the brother of Giuseppe Di Matteo, the 12-year-old boy kidnapped on Denaro’s orders, heard the news, he wished on him a long life of suffering ended in a slow death.

Nicola Di Matteo, Giuseppe’s brother, said he and his mother felt “joy mixed with tears” when they found out the arrest of the mafia boss, a sixty-year-old currently debilitated by illness. “I read that he was ill. I hope he can live as long as possible to have a long suffering, the same that he imposed on my brother, an innocent little boysaid Giuseppe’s brother, who was strangled at the age of 12 before dying dissolved in acid. “You can’t forgive something like that. It’s unthinkable given what happened to Giuseppe. So, he must suffer like my brother‘ he continued.

His brother was held hostage for two years

Giuseppe Di Matteo was removed in 1993. The 12-year-old served with mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro Italy’s most wantedas leverage against Santino (…)

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