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Tesla Semi Outperforms Competitors in Specification Analysis

The Tesla Semi outperforms both diesel and electric truck competition, according to a new specification analysis.

While many consumers, particularly in the United States, have been wary of EV technology, that concern has come to a head following the release of the Tesla Semi. Given that semi-trucks are responsible for getting a significant portion of goods to their destination, it’s understandable that people naturally want the best and most reliable. Thankfully, NextBigFuture’s analysis has been completed, showing that the Tesla Semi outperforms the competition in countless categories.

The analysis conducted by NextBigThing considers 9 factors when comparing the Tesla Semi to its competition including the Nikola Tre, Peterbilt 579EV, Volvo VRNe and numerous others. The nine factors include price, range, payload, federal rebate, state rebates, efficiency, power, maximum GCW (gross combination weight), and charge time.

Tesla Semi Outperforms Competitors in Specification Analysis TESLARATIPhoto credit: NextBigFuture

Perhaps most notably, the Tesla Semi outperforms its competition in charging time (30 minutes to an hour), price (under $200,000 with incentives), and maximum range (500 miles). When considering competition as a business decision, the obvious choice is clear. Not only does the Tesla Semi go further on a charge, but it also charges many times faster than the nearest competition while still being powerful enough to handle regular semi-trailer loads, providing the best possible business case for both independent truckers and organizations.

To be fair to operators, given the lack of charging infrastructure for Tesla Semis, many are right to point out that this would be a tough sell for many drivers. But for those covering a consistent route with access to charging, the Semi might just be what you’re looking for.

The other big hurdle, as pointed out by NextBigFuture, is price. Even if the Tesla Semi nearly halves the price of the competition in some cases, it’s still tens of thousands of dollars more expensive than diesel offerings, which can easily be had between $130 and $160,000. And while operators have been reassured by Tesla’s semi-unveiling event that they will not only save fuel but also repair, such high upfront costs are still a challenge that needs to be addressed.

Overall, the analysis shows how much of a technological leap the Tesla Semi was, and perhaps it can motivate other automakers to keep improving and introducing new products. When a trucker looks at an electric truck, the choice is clear, and without continued investment in other brands’ space, it’s hard to see that changing anytime soon.

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Tesla Semi outperforms competitors on specification analysis

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