Terra Amara Season 3 Episodes: Yilmaz dies after accident, widow of Altun

Terra Amara Season 3 Episodes: Yilmaz dies after accident, widow of Altun

Season 3 spoilers of bitter landwhich will soon be broadcast on Channel 5 reveal that Zuleyha altun She will be widowed when she loses the love of her life Yilmaz akkaya (Ugur Gunes), due to a car accident.

Terra Bitter Advances: Zuleyha loses her husband Yilmaz

This is evidenced by Terra Amara’s progress towards the Season 3 episodes Zuleyha is hit by a Grief. The residents of Cukurova will mourn the death of another citizen following the assassination of Hunkar by Bahice, Mujgan’s aunt.

Everything starts when Yilmaz and Zuleyha They will leave the Yaman family farm after receiving Demir’s approval.

The latter will grant Altun the separation. As a result, the couple will decide to move to a new home to live as a unit happy family after overcoming so many vicissitudes.

Unfortunately, fate will once again ravage the soap’s protagonists Yilmaz (Hilal Altınbilek) is informed that his son Adnan was taken to the clinic after an accident.

Yilmaz dies in an accident

Yilmaz He is involved in a car accident caused by the excessive speed he was traveling in order to reach his first child in the hospital as quickly as possible. Akkaya will lose his life after undergoing emergency surgery to try to treat the serious injuries he sustained after the accident.

Unfortunately, at the end of the operation, the doctors will not be able to do anything but declare his death.

Before he dies, Yilmaz will be able to do this Make peace with Fekeli and bury the hatchet with it demirwho will promise to take care of his son.

ZuleyhaDevastated by the news of her lover’s serious condition, she will run to Yilmaz’ bedside, who will ask her to take care of Adnan at all times.

Altun cannot bear the lack of his beloved

Cukurova residents will organize one awaken and then the funeral of Yilmaz takes place, attended by the greatest representatives of Adana. At this point, Demir and his half-brother Fikret will stand alongside Fikeli, who seems devastated by the loss of his adopted son.

Zuleyha Altun, on the other hand, won’t be able to face the absence of the man she loves, especially after they’ve achieved the happy ending they’ve been waiting for. This ends the actor’s participation Ugur Gunes to Turkish soap.