1690149500 Terra Amara Plot Preview July 24 Will Zuleyha Take Revenge

Terra Amara Plot Preview July 24: Will Zuleyha Take Revenge By Killing Hunkar? Movie player

Previews of the episode’s Terra Amara plot were broadcast on Canale 5 on Monday 24 July at around 2.10pm.

Terra Amara Plot Preview July 24: Will Zuleyha Take Revenge By Killing Hunkar?

bitter land come back tomorrow, Monday, July 24, 2023 around 2:10 p.m channel 5. Here are previews of the plot of the new episodes. The soap opera is set in Türkiye in the 1970s. It was first broadcast by Atv from 2018 to 2022 with great success under the title Bir Zamanlar Çukurova – Once upon a time in Cukurova. The story of Züleyha, the protagonist of the series, is also available on Mediaset Infinitywhere all previously aired episodes of the soap were released.

Before we reveal what will happen in tomorrow’s episode, let’s take a quick recap of Sunday 23rd July’s episode

Terra Amara: July 23rd episode recap

Yilmaz and Zuleyha want to realize their dream of fleeing to Germany, but Demir stops Zuleyha from doing so. Yilmaz is convinced that Hunkar has betrayed her and wants to kill her. Demir has a fight with Sevda. Ankara’s men plan to assassinate Fekeli.

Terra Amara, July 24 Preview: Yilmaz aims his weapon at Hunkar

Yilmaz couldn’t escape with Zuleyha because Demir intercepted the woman when she tried to reach him. Yilmaz, believing Hunkar to be responsible, tries to kill her but eventually gives up and chooses to spare her life.

In the new episode of the Turkish soap we discover the traitor

Demir finds Sermin waiting for him in front of Sevda’s house while he watches their conversation unnoticed. During the dialogue, Sevda learns that it was Sermin who revealed Zuleyha and Yilmaz’s escape plan to her lover’s son.

In the next episode, Hunkar is still in danger

Hunkar’s life is once again in danger, although Yilmaz has spared her life in the past. Convinced that it was her mother-in-law who informed Demir of her escape plan with Yilmaz, Zuleyha tries to kill her.

In the clip uploaded by Mediaset Infinity, Ankara’s men plan how to kill Fekeli.