Terra Amara January 20 Episodes: Zuleyha Desperate After Yilmaz’s Engagement

Terra Amara January 20 Episodes: Zuleyha Desperate After Yilmaz’s Engagement

the progress the Turkish soap opera Terra Amara, are full of surprises. In aired episodes 16 to the January 20th Channel 5 will feature Yilmaz (Ugur Günes) and Dr. Mujgan (Melike İpek Yalova) will be more and more in love with each other and everyone will be happy for her. Despite the joy, Yilmaz will not be able to forgive Demir’s bad deeds and pretend that nothing unpleasant ever happened between them. So he will tell the whole story of his past in Mujgan and also explain why he always carries the gun with him.

Terra Amara, Episodes January 16-20: Zuleyha overhears a conversation between Demir and Hunkar

In bets from bitter landtransmitted by 16 to the January 20th, it will be clear that the hatred between Yilmaz and Demir will never end. At the same time, however, Yilmaz becomes a love story with Dr. Lead Mujgan: The couple is indeed growing closer and more in love and their happiness will not go unnoticed. Meanwhile, Zuleyha will get better and Demir will grant the woman a brief meeting with Adnan. Later the woman overhears a conversation between demir and Hunkarthanks to which he will learn that Yaman and Yilmaz took first and second place in the Adana taxpayer race.

Zuleyha is out of the psychiatric hospital

Zuleyha (Hilal Altınbilek) will convince her husband to attend the ceremony to meet Yilmaz, but not everything will go as she hoped. Meanwhile, Cetin is almost convinced that Demir is the instigator of the attack on Fekeli. Then the man will report it to this one, but he will forbid him to tell Yilmaz.

Saniye will later make an absurd discovery and will not take it well at all, while Demir will take it away Zuleyha frompsychiatric hospital and takes her back to the mansion. Shortly thereafter, the woman learns of the official engagement between Yilmaz and Mujgan and will immediately accuse Gulten of not having sent the letter to her fiancé.

Zuleyha is upset about Yilmaz and Mujgan’s engagement

Zuleyha will be very upset about the engagement between Yilmaz and Mujgan. Young Yaman will ignore the fact that Gulten sent the letter to Yilmaz and keep thinking about the man. Even Yilmaz will think of the beautiful Zuleyha: Demir and Mujgan will notice something strange about their respective companions, but will not know how to act. Meanwhile, Fekeli will take Hunkar to a very special place, but the evening is ruined by bad weather. In the end, the two are able to find shelter in a suddenly found shelter and eventually indulge in passion.