Terra Amara Anticipations Episode August 11, 2022: Zuleyha Attempts Suicide!

Terra Amara Anticipations Episode August 11, 2022: Zuleyha Attempts Suicide!

Terra Amara Anticipations Episode August 11, 2022: Zuleyha Attempts Suicide!

The progress of the episode of Terra Amara, which aired on Canale 5 on August 11, 2022, shows Altun making a desperate gesture… after seeing the Akkaya again!

In which’Consequence out bitter land out Thursday 11 August 2022, Zuleyha reviews Yilmaz at the party for entrepreneurs in Adana and learns that the beloved is actually not dead. demir He drags her away from the party, and the girl falls out of the speeding car. L’akkayaopposes it Fekeli to have understood that he is no longer the love of life altun… But let’s find out together what they reveal in detail progress of bet what is broadcast morning at 14:45 on channel 5.

Demir vs. Yilmaz and Fekeli in anticipation of the August 11 episode

Meanwhile, everyone in Cukurova is talking about Yilmaz’s return and his rise to success. While gold neither is glad, Hunkar and demir I am a bundle of nerves. The former mechanic is no longer just the latter’s amorous rival, but a real adversary in every respect. The Lord is now paying attention behind the enrichment of the Akkaya: Fekelihe is the person it Yes you must “thank”!

Terra Bitter Advances: Zuleyha sees Yilmaz again!

Become the owner of a company in the country, the protagonist You have the right to attend a party reserved for entrepreneurs the city of Adana takes place. At the party of course Mrs. Azize’s nephew and Zuleyha were also invited. Here, The two lovers meet again after months. The girl is in shock: she was convinced that Yilmaz had died in prisonin the flames of a fire!

Zuleyha jumps out of the moving car in the August 11 episode

there altun would love to talk to her lover, but demir doesn’t allow it. Swept from the party and forcefully pushed into a car The former seamstress opens the door and runs away. after the fall, Zuleyha first confesses to her husband that her heart belongs to the Akkaya, then she passes out. He is angry at the meeting between his wife and the ex-convict, but above all at the words she addressed to him, Yes you he stays beside her, waiting for her to recover. In the meantime, Yilmaz confides in his Fekeli, He admitted realizing that Altun had stopped loving him. However, the man urges him not to throw in the towel!

bitter landthe Turkish soap opera, runs from Monday to Friday at 2:45 p.m channel 5.