Terra Amara Advances, Unexpected Visitor: Hear Their Telephone Conversation

Terra Amara Advances, Unexpected Visitor: Hear Their Telephone Conversation

As Terra Amara advances Zuleyha confesses to Demir He will

The sneak previews of Terra Amara, a well-known Turkish TV series that airs on Canale 5 Monday to Friday at 2:10 p.m. and Saturday at 2:30 p.m., reveal numerous twists and turns to the audience. Zuleyha thinks about Yilmaz all the time and he does the same. Demir and Mujgan notice this. Fekeli takes Hunkar to the place where he longed for her as a boy. The evening threatens to end in tragedy due to bad weather. But the two, safe haven, have an amorous approach.

Advances Terra Amara, Demir brings out Zuleyha with Seer

After attempting suicide, Demir finally allows Zuleyha to date Seher. The woman is distraught and Demir tells her that she can choose between always having to hang out with a warden or convincing him that she is no longer in love with Yilmaz and thus getting her freedom and her son back.

Gaffur wonders where Hunkar spent the night and tries to get information from Raci, who remains loyal to the lady. Zuleyha accidentally overhears the beginning of a phone conversation between Hunkar and Fekeli and understands that the two get along well, while Azize’s talk also makes Demir suspicious.

The latter discovers that the report on the shooting at Fekeli’s house was made by Sermin. Mujgan confides in Sabahattin, telling him that he fears for his lover’s life due to tensions between Yilmaz and Demir.

Previews Terra Amara, Yilmaz and Mijgan go to the open-air cinema

Yilmaz and Mujgan decide to treat themselves to another evening. The two go to the outdoor cinema and shortly thereafter, Demir and Zuleyha arrive. This meeting becomes a topic of conversation for both couples. Fekeli and Hunkar meet at the usual place, she is sad and tells him that she cannot continue their relationship.

Even though he’s sad, he tells her that he won’t put any limits on fate just to be with her. Saniye is angry with Gaffur, she lets him sleep on the sofa, but he goes to seer in the middle of the night. Demir tells Zuleyha that he will get his son Adnan back after Yilmaz’s marriage. Zuleyha makes Demir doubt Hunkar is dating Fekeli. Demir will ask his mother for an explanation. A luxury car arrives at the estate: an unexpected visitor.

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