Terminator Ukraine deploys the unstoppable super tank

Terminator, Ukraine deploys the “unstoppable” super tank

by Guido Olimpio

It’s a tank of which few specimens remain, equipped with a twin 30mm cannon, a machine gun and a rocket launcher system.

Popasna Region, Eastern Ukraine. Here the Russians are increasing their pressure and for this reason have sent more aggressive units onto the field. Reports highlight the presence of para, raiders, commandos operating under the cover of artillery, frequent night raids. Along with the men the means. The General Staff also deployed the Terminators, a vehicle still present in some examples. It is an armored vehicle armed with a twin 30mm cannon, machine gun and rocket launcher system. From three to five crew members, it depends on the version. As the name suggests, it is intended to provide an intense volume of fire.

The decision to use it is based on two aspects. The first. The need to have more resources in the fight against Ukrainian infantry, especially anti-tank teams, which proved to be very effective. The second. Moscow tests and “shows” the latest products from its war industry. And on Syria, the Guardian writes that the Russians brought 50 demolitions experts from Damascus, technicians who built the barrel bombs that were dropped on rebellion towns and villages. However, it is not clear what contribution they could make given the differences. The same newspaper had spoken of the mobilization of several hundred Arab mercenaries, but their presence was never ascertained.

May 23, 2022 (Modification May 23, 2022 | 08:27)