TenisBrasil  Djokovic wins new hope of playing at US Open

TenisBrasil Djokovic wins new hope of playing at US Open

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New York (United States) A turnaround could see Serbia’s Novak Djokovic eligible to compete at this year’s US Open. Last Thursday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new guidelines in a statement that relax social distancing and quarantine rules.

The new guidelines, changing restrictions related to the coronavirus, have not yet been updated, but the promise of change opens a window and hopes Djokovic competes in New York. The Serb himself has already said that he is preparing as if he could compete while waiting to know if there is a chance to travel to the United States.

Proof of Covid vaccination was required for entry into the United States as a foreigner, under measures approved by the CDC last June. If this is lifted, it should take a few weeks before the measures are official, Novak can enter the country freely.

With the rule change coming, the USTA can now seek to step in to speed up the process and allow Djokovic to play at the US Open, where he is defending last year’s runnerup after losing the final to Russian Daniil Medvedev.

The US Centers for Disease Control has now basically admitted that the unvaccinated are no different in terms of spread from those who received the vaccines.

It now makes America’s border controls look ridiculous and unnecessary. pic.twitter.com/pZhmODLXvX

— Adam Brooks 🇬🇧 (@EssexPR) August 11, 2022