Temptation Island Winter, Filippo Bisciglia announces: "I will be there and moderate the event"

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“Temptation Island Winter” is one of the novelties of the winter program, but the winter edition will be hosted by a face very popular with the audience: Filippo Bisciglia. The presenter even confirmed via social media that he will be the one who will carry the couples through crises and turbulence: “For me it is an honor to be on the field in the winter program.”

Filippo Bisciglia at the helm of the winter version “The news I am about to give you has already been told, written and denied. Today I can finally make it official and I’m very happy to do so. “I will be there to host ‘Temptation Island Winter Edition,'” Bisciglia announced on his social media profiles. “That’s an honor for me. Taking to the pitch during the Mediaset winter program is really gratifying.” Filippo has admitted on several occasions that he draws inspiration from Maria De Filippi for his sober and discreet leadership style. The choice was rewarded by the viewers. In fact, “Temptation Island” continued to see record ratings year after year, with audiences loving the competing couples, but also Bisciglia, who was always trying to curb the couples’ overreactions before the campfire.

In progress Viewers are naturally very excited to see what the winter version of the show will look like, whether it will respect the “liturgy” of the summer or whether it will be something completely different. However, at the moment everything, starting with the title, is a work in progress. “It will be called ‘Temptation Island Winter Edition’ or ‘Temptation Island Winter’ or ‘Temptation Winter’… we don’t know yet what the program will be called, but we will find out shortly,” the presenter clarified. “You are probably wondering what it will be like. Where and how? The Pinnettu and the campfires? Guys, these are all things we will discover later.

Rain of compliments on social media The announcement was received with open arms by the social world, which has always observed the protagonists of previous editions with irony and has brilliantly promoted Filippo’s calm and conciliatory manner of demeanor. In fact, his social profile is full of compliments and congratulations for the decision to entrust him with a project even in the winter season. Now all that remains is to see how couples and seducers fare in this new version, far from the heat of summer and the desire to escape that usually accompanies summer.