Temptation Island, Manuela Carriero and Luciano Punzo spotted together

Temptation Island, Manuela Carriero and Luciano Punzo spotted together

The love story between Manuela Carriero and Luciano Punzo is it really over?

The two met in the sentimental village of Temptation Island, where she had entered with her boyfriend. Stephen Sirena. Here both interfered and, for their part, also knew the tempter.

In the final phase of the reality show, Manuela didn’t think twice about giving the ex-boyfriend the two of spades to leave the show with the seducer, Luciano Punzo. After the spotlights turned off, the two actually started dating, and after a lengthy courtship, they moved in to live together. The story went on for a long time, with ups and downs, until when A few months ago there was talk of a serious crisis between the two.

So from that moment the story seemed to be over. until recently, During a live broadcast on Instagram, Manuela specifically asked Luciano to get back together, in front of all the couple’s loyal fans. The next day to intervene on social media, It was Stefano who attacked her, saying it was a real circus:

I don’t go to circuses.

That explains the theater that has been going on for months. Prepare the popcorn in September …

In these hours, however, it was a report that came straight to us to chat Deianira marzano. A user would have caught it Luciano Punzo and Manuela Carriero eat ice cream with his daughter in a bar in Brindisi. However, the two have not shared anything on their social media, not even the fact of being together. From there, numerous criticisms of those who accuse them of having staged a farce. In fact, one user pointed this out marzano:

But to me they are obviously dating, and they just want to make fun of others to talk about themselves that it’s a year when no one calculates them. Those who broke up don’t even co-direct like her.

Therefore, it is not yet clear why the two boys do not want to show themselves together. On the one hand there are those who attack them, doubt them and think that they are only being moved to make a “hype”. On the other hand, there are those who think maybe it’s just intimacy waiting to define their relationship.

Instagram - Manuela Carriero - Luciano Punzo

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