Televoting Big Brother VIP Percentages Today Jan 27 Poll Results

Televoting Big Brother VIP Percentages Today Jan 27: Poll Results Day24

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Televoting Big Brother VIP Percentages. There are 3 days left until the evening live broadcast of the Gf vip on Monday 30th January when we find out who has to leave the house. This week’s nominees are: Nikita Pelizon, Oriana Marzoli and George Ciupilan.

Televoting Big Brother VIP Percentages

According to the poll on Big Brother’s Forumfree website Nikita Pelizon is the crowd favorite during George Ciupilan the competitor is most at risk of being eliminated:

  • Nikita Pelizon 44.99%
  • Oriana Marzoli 36.47%
  • George Ciupilan18.54%

On Reality House’s website, the positions are the same, although the percentages change slightly:

  • Nikita (43% : 1163 votes)
  • Oriana (39% : 1065 votes)
  • George (16% : 440 votes)

Where to see the gf vip

there direct of the program can be followed from 9.45 p.m. on Canale 5 and in streaming on Mediaset Play. The eye of the cameras of the Gf Vip never leaves the tenants of the house, the images are available live from 09:00 to 06:00 on Mediaset Extra. On La5 instead Monday to Friday at 12:30 and Monday to Saturday at 01:00. There are also two daily strips, broadcast Monday to Friday at 4:40 p.m. on Canale 5 and at 1:00 p.m. on Italia 1.


  • MEDIASEPLAY APP (free). Simply download the free Mediaset Play application to your smartphone or tablet and register. In the section dedicated to Big Brother Vip, the Vote button will be activated each time Alfonso Signorini opens a televoting session.
  • WEB (free). You can vote for your favorite VIP through the official website after registering at in the Televoting section.
  • SMS (payment). Send an SMS to 477.000.2 with the NAME of the selected participant. Maximum cost per SMS €0.1613 including VAT depending on the operator.
  • Smart TV or decoder enabled (free). When the TV or decoder is activated for the service and connected to the Internet, simply turn on Canale 5, click the “up arrow” on the remote control, access the MediasetPlay app, select your favorite competitor and vote for him.