Telemicro puts Fausto Mata in a good mood gives him

Telemicro puts Fausto Mata in a good mood, gives him a jeep

Santo Domingo. DR

Fausto Mata is dying of laughter this Tuesday, with all his teeth out of his “piano mouth,” as his artistic nickname goes. The president of the Grupo de Medios Telemicro, Juan Ramón Gómez Díaz, surprised him by giving him a jeep as a gift.

Gómez Díaz entertained the House of Opportunities star through attorney Josefina Adames, Noticias Telemicro reported.

“Our award-winning star is Fausto Mata, our beloved comedian,” said Adames excitedly.

Additionally, he highlighted the years the actor-comedian has been coaching for the Telemicro family and the amazing work he is doing, an effort that is only going to get much better.

“We have this wonderful Mercedes Benz that he’s going to enjoy… and thanks to Juan Ramón Gómez Díaz, he’ll be able to enjoy this amazing jeep, have your key!” the lawyer admitted to the comedian, touched.

“Boca de Piano” thanked his boss and commented that he had been looking for a while for “a nice vehicle that would represent me and last a long time, oh and the man come and strip and give me that Mercedes Benz, sir.” Juan Ramón Gómez Díaz has violent rage”.

After thanking his boss, he said he was surprised and “even nervous because I didn’t expect it.”

According to him, they told him to stop by Gómez Díaz’s office and he thought they had brought a bit of gossip to the man, but in reality he was surprised by this gift that he would share with “my family”, my children, my friends.