Taylor Swift Effect Sales of Travis Kelces T Shirt Increased

Taylor Swift Effect: Sales of Travis Kelce’s T Shirt Increased 400%

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After Taylor Swift visited the Arrowhead at the invitation of the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelcethe jersey of the two-time Super Bowl winner has registered a 400% increase in sales, All thanks to the excitement generated by his rumored relationship with the Pennsylvania singer.

This was reported by Fanatics, a portal specializing in sportswear, saying that Kelce’s number 87 jersey was not even among the 10 best sellers last August and now They sell “like hot cakes”.

“Yesterday, Travis Kelce was one of the five players became the top-selling NFL jerseys and experienced a nearly 400% increase in sales across the entire Fanatics network of sites, including NFLShop.com“, spokespersons for the platform told TMZ.

Jalen Hurts’ jersey was the best seller before the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift scandal (Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement Neitzel – USA TODAY Sports)

Previously it was the best-selling T-shirt Jalen hurts, quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, who, despite losing the Superbowl to Travis Kelce’s team, is still one of the league’s favorite teams today. However, everything seems to indicate that as Travis continues his relationship with Taylor Swift, his popularity will increase excessively, probably more than that of any other player in the league and so on Thanks to the unreal impact that Taylor has.

It was last Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead Stadium. The game ended in a resounding 41-10 victory.which leaves a great taste in the mouths of fans of the quarterback-led team Patrick Mahomes. The 41 points the Chiefs scored wasn’t the only surprise for fans, as Taylor Swift was also present at the stadium, seemingly supporting her new boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Taylor was spotted with Travis’ mother in a VIP section of the stadium. Donna, She screamed in euphoria with every touchdown the team scored, but without a doubt her euphoria was even greater when it was Kelce’s turn to score.

Taylor Swift accepted Travis Kelce’s invitation to his game against the Chicago Bears, and apparently the singer had a pretty good time. Credits: NFL Brazil

After the game, Travis and Taylor were seen together backstage and then left the stadium in a convertible driven by the tight end. But the night wasn’t over yet. According to reports, the Prime Social rooftop restaurant closed at 8 p.m. so that Travis and Taylor could have a quiet night without being harassed by media or fans. The alleged couple was also accompanied by several members of the Kansas City Chiefs team as well as Travis’ parents.

“Travis closed the restaurant to his family and team. Taylor appeared in a denim dress and was seen eating, drinking cocktails and dancing with Travis. The two were very loving towards each other, but had a fun and relaxed tone. Travis’ teammates and his parents Donna and Ed also attended the party. The party lasted until 2 a.m.,” Entertainment Tonight shared.

“Travis and Taylor are taking things slowly and not rushing into anything serious,” says Entertainment Tonight.

While this isn’t a confirmation that they’re already a couple, it does suggest that they’re starting a very intimate relationship, which has caused a lot of excitement among Taylor Swift fans. Entertainment Tonight itself claims that both Taylor and Travis are taking it easy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go out and have fun.

“Travis has never shied away from his desire to give Taylor a chance to say something, which he even said during a press conference a few months ago after seeing Swift in concert. Travis and Taylor take things slowly and don’t rush into anything serious. They’re both very focused on their careers, so that’s what they’re focusing on for now, but That won’t stop them from enjoying life when the time is right.“.