Tax: We “do not rule out” a decline, says Legault

Tax: We “do not rule out” a decline, says Legault

Passing through Laval, Quebec Premier François Legault indicated that he “does not rule out” a tax cut during a future term. As the election approaches, the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) and the Quebec Conservative Party (PCQ) have already campaigned for it.

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“For economic reasons, it can definitely be interesting to reduce taxes. I ask you for a little patience. I’m not ruling it out, but in due course we will answer that question,” Mr Legault said during a scrum with the press on Friday morning.

However, he acknowledged that taxes in Quebec are “high” and that the situation could exacerbate needs due to “extraordinary” inflation.

“Within our financial framework, we want to take responsibility. We don’t want to indebted future generations with credit cards,” the prime minister dismissed.

He wanted to make a first election commitment on Friday and pledged to invest $1.8 billion to build social and affordable housing.

Although the other parties have also made some commitments, the election campaign has not yet officially started. A situation that the Prime Minister believes is not a problem.

“It is up to each party to decide their strategy. it’s fair As long as the rules are the same for all parties. Everyone knows it will be October 3,” Mr Legault said.

However, he said he was “open” to discussing the idea of ​​setting the period ahead of the campaign, but reminded that whatever date is set, there will always be a period that precedes it. For him, it is the “lack of quality” of date selections.

“Before, it gave an advantage to the government, which was the only one who knew their strategy and the date of the election. I think it’s fair for everyone that it’s now a fixed date, every four years,” he added.

He is expected to meet with Quebec’s lieutenant governor at the end of August to officially announce the elections. This will take place on October 3rd.