Tati Diniz, Famous Businesswoman, Dies at 44  gente.ig.com.br

Tati Diniz, Famous Businesswoman, Dies at 44 gente.ig.com.br

Tati Diniz dies of cancer at the age of 44

Reproduction/Instagram 08/18/2022

Tati Diniz dies of cancer at the age of 44

Tati Diniz, a famous entrepreneur, died this Thursday the 18th at the age of 44 from cancer, a disease diagnosed two and a half years ago. She is survived by her husband Hugo and their 15yearold son Gabriel. Former agents and friends paid their last respects on social media.

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“In our last conversation we talked about time and space being an illusion. Today I am thousands of kilometers away from your family, Aunt Fatima, Fla do Gabi, whom I love so much, and I wanted to hug them tightly but not feel far away from you. Yesterday we exchanged messages, we said that we love each other and love doesn’t end like this when the body says goodbye, it expands when it breaks free from density. Thank you for EVERYTHING you represent in our life, in my professional story, in my marriage, in the funniest stories we have together. You enchanted this plan, Tati. I will honor life and every second you give me here because you did it. I love you,” said Rafa Brites.

Tati has managed the careers of celebrities such as Felipe Andreoli, Rafa Brites and Tatá Werneck when they were just beginning their careers. She was currently a partner in a company with Rodrigo Faro’s brother. In the casting, among others, moderator Rodrigo Faro, Evaristo Costa, Tiago Oliveira.

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“When I was at MTV, I believed in myself very little. I was afraid of everything. You came with your strength, wisdom and faith and became my manager. Looking at you put my mind at ease. Because you believed in me. Your faith was never Even through all the hardships you went through I never saw you lament They were just words of hope Today was the first time you said, “Friend, it’s hard.” Friends by your side who love you love you Hugo your love who loves you Your parents are so amazing Your sister the most amazing sister in the world Even your ex husband loves you Everyone loves you And that love will NEVER change. Thank you for everything my friend. Your parents, son and sister have been tireless. So have you. May God, Jesus, Our Lady welcome you with open arms to a great party. I know Tati doesn’t need a post right now but it’s a tr Ibut to her family and to one of my best friends, who is now a loyal squire of the most beautiful angels,” said Tatá Werneck.

“My friend, I don’t even know what to say properly. After all, everyone knew you as the great artist manager you’ve become. But I met you when I was 5 years old, back in Franca, our mothers were friends… and that’s how you became my sister. You, the MTV attorney, made your decision to be a businesswoman when the CQC exploded and I found out I needed someone to take care of my business. I was your first client. How lucky me. I chose you for your character, dignity, honesty, sympathy and because I would not trust anyone with my eyes closed as I have always trusted you. And you became a big dreamer. Dreams of your family, mine, the dreams of your artists, dreams of people who never dared to dream. You helped make it happen. You must have made some of yours too. God wanted to take you before our time here, the time of men. I hope he has his reasons because we miss you so much here we will live and honor every minute of the joy and love you radiated on those who have had the privilege of knowing you. I love you so much my sister. Forever,” said Andreoli.

Since being diagnosed with cancer, Tati Diniz has sought to connect to causes that promote treatment and listened to testimonials with recovery success stories. With the Vencer o Cancer Institute he created the project “Mirror Mirror” in which he wanted to talk about the treatment of the disease and how to deal with side effects.

“Due to the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, patients often go through a process where they are not recognized in the mirror. The proposal is to use aesthetics as an ally for treatment and as a means of stimulating selfesteem shaken on this harsh path. The idea is to show that being sick doesn’t mean seeing yourself sick. It’s about life, about being able to take care of yourself. It helps patients get up and face the disease by looking in the mirror. “Mirror of mine” wants to show that it is possible to take care of yourself even during treatment and find ways to feel beautiful, attractive and happy. We want to bring strength and encouragement to face fears, doubts and fears We seek to present information, techniques, products, services and specialists in aesthetic treatments that help improve selfesteem We will develop, implement and present measures to increase the selfesteem of cancer patients so that they have the strength to fight and not to feel ashamed or embarrassed ment with your appearance.It is a loving look at someone whose life is being devastated by a disease that is spreading and changing physically and emotionally.It is a positive look at the techniques, services available and products as well as qualified professionals who are making a difference in the lives of cancer patients create. ‘Espelho Meu’ is a mirror of love that brings beauty that empowers cancer patients,” he said at the presentation of the project.

The wake will take place this Thursday at the funeral home in São Paulo.

“Today is a sad day to say goodbye but let’s flood this room with love as she was truly loved. The pain is over dear friend, now rest and be sure that what you planted here you did before you left. You changed everyone’s lives by your side and made us have more faith in life and the adversities it throws at us. Today I want to talk about you, my friend! I love you! We will always be together!” said partner Daniel Faro.

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