1672699917 Tates Angels exposed — how teen says she dodged accused

‘Tate’s Angels’ exposed — how teen says she dodged accused influencer’s ring

New details have emerged about the women accused of helping Andrew Tate run a sex and porn ring – as a Romanian teenager claimed the alleged twisted influencer tried to capture her when she was just 16.

Tate’s alleged accomplices Georgiana Naghel, 28, and Luana Radu, 32 – who have been dubbed “Tate’s Angels” – were arrested Thursday along with the accused rapist and his brother Tristan at the Romanian headquarters of their suspected criminal operation.

Naghel, a US citizen, is said to be Tate’s girlfriend – while Radu is a former police officer-turned-porn, according to the Times of London.

Long before she was handcuffed in the raid, Radu had worked for four years at a police station in central Bucharest. She stated in official filings that she only had $480 in her name when she quit in 2014, the outlet said.

Luana Radu aka Ellie Dely in sexy pose online.
Luana Radu, aka Ellie Dely on social media, was a police officer until 2014 when she listed her net worth as just $480, reports say. Instagram/Ellie Dely

Luana Radu aka Ellie Dely in sexy pose online.
According to The Times of London, Radu turned to porn after quitting the police force. Instagram/Ellie Dely


Luana Radu aka Ellie Dely in sexy pose online.
Radu poses for glamor shots online while also promoting her OnlyFans account. Instagram/Ellie Dely


She then began working in adult chat rooms, which is how she met Tate, who eventually hired her as his administrative assistant and helped him manage his online business empire, the UK Times said.

Going by the name of Ellie Dely, she posted glamorous social media pics from around the world – as well as adult images from her own OnlyFans account.

Her last Twitter post was on December 21st and showed her in “intoxicating” black underwear with an open blue furry jacket and hat while out in the snow.

“I want to chat with you, tell you my secrets and show you unrealistically hot videos that will blow your mind,” she wrote, pushing holiday deals on her racy page.

Naghel also posted glamorous shots from global hotspots, some showing her boyfriend’s sports cars, if not Tate herself.

Image of Georgiana Naghel on social media.
Georgiana Nagel has posted pictures of her glamorous jet-setting lifestyle but is now sharing a cell with one of her co-defendants in Romania, reports say. Instagram/Georgiana Nagel

Image of Georgiana Naghel on social media.
Tate’s alleged girlfriend Georgiana Nagel, 28, is one of the two alleged accomplices arrested alongside the influencer and his brother. Instagram/Georgiana Nagel


Georgiana Naghel with one of Tate's cars.
Nagel poses next to one of the influencer’s many sports cars. Instagram/Georgiana Nagel


Both women are now sharing the same police cell in Bucharest after they were accused of helping to ‘coerce’ and ‘control’ at least six women whom Tate’s alleged company had coerced into producing porn, according to multiple UK reports .

“These two women are Tate’s trusted lieutenants and his angels,” a police source told Web.

“They are an important part of the crimes that took place because they made sure the women held against their will did as they were told.

“The Tate brothers benefited financially from these crimes, as did these two women. They live fantastic lives that don’t match their financial situation.”

Tate and his brother are arrested.The so-called “Tate’s Angels” were arrested in Romania on Thursday, along with the influencer (who is being arrested here) and his brother.AP

Romanian investigators have accused Tate of using “the loverboy method” – seducing unsuspecting women before forcing them to appear in porn under threats of violence from his organized gang.

That’s exactly the method said by the teenage daughter of Romanian political scientist Cozmin Gusa, the onetime kickboxer tried to use it when she was just 16 years old.

“I had just created an account on Instagram when I received a pretty suggestive message where Andrew Tate was basically asking me to go out with him,” Daria Gusa, now 19, told local outlet Realitatea Plus.

“It struck me as odd that someone would have millions of followers [would] Contact me who had 200,” she said — before realizing he’d similarly addressed many of her friends and colleagues.

“Another colleague continued to chat with him and [he] invited her straight out to go out with him,” she said — also calling it “the ‘loverboy’ method” and suggesting it be used on any girls he found near his house.

Andrew Tate poses shirtless.Officials and at least one juvenile accuser say Tate used the “loverboy method” to try to seduce women before forcing them into porn. Andrew Tate

She believes Tate had no idea her father was a well-known political scientist.

“He was just looking at who’s on his Instagram when [they were] nearby, and he sent all young girls, even minors, the same message inviting them to go out with him,” she claimed.

While she stopped chatting with Tate, she said other young women he’s contacted have told her that the former British reality TV star was “with the luxury cars, the restaurants he could take her to, his €20 million plane” boasted while trying to seduce her.

“I’m sure her method is used by many pimps in Romania,” she said of the alleged criminal group, stressing that “fortunately, my friends weren’t so naive.”

Gusa added, “It seems strange to me that they weren’t spotted by the authorities sooner,” given how openly Tate had bragged about some of his shady operations in some videos.

She suggested that it was the US embassy that eventually reported the operation to local officials, which she says could mean that “some diplomats” or “Americans who have ties to the Tate brothers and are covering it up” could have been involved.

“It’s very likely that a lot of people are involved,” she speculated.

“These guys trained their girls to take in their clients. … It’s very easy to blackmail important people,” she told the local outlet.

Tate previously said in an online video that “40% of the reasons I moved to Romania was because the rape laws are more lenient there,” noted the UK Times.

“I’m not an avid rapist, but I like the idea of ​​just being able to do whatever I want,” said the self-proclaimed self-help guru, who previously said women should “take some responsibility” when they’ve been raped.

He, his brother and their two alleged accomplices were held for a further 30 days on Friday.

Prosecutors said the four “appear to have formed an organized crime group with the aim of recruiting, harboring and exploiting women by forcing them to create pornographic content” that “raised significant sums of money.”

Tate’s attorney, Eugen Vidineac, said: “They deny the allegations and want to cooperate with the prosecution and declare their innocence.”

He added: “You deny any exploitation of women.”