Tatá Werneck leaves Rafael Vitti as ‘punishment’ when he comes home late: ‘Obey and sleep with friends’

People like us, Tatá Werneck, are not always funny or goodnatured. The comedian also has her bad mood days and a bossy side. As for her marriage to Rafael Vitti, it’s no different. People close to the couple reveal that the actor runs into the door when he gets home later than expected.

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“She leaves Rafa on the ground. He obeys and sleeps with friends,” says a source heard by the Gente column in Veja.

Still concerned about the impact of the pandemic, Tatá Werneck rarely leaves home. But don’t expect her to watch Rafael Vitti’s scenes in the six o’clock soap opera Beyond the Illusion. Also according to the publication, the actress is jealous of her husband’s sequences with Larissa Manoela.

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Tata Werneck and Rafael Vitti Tatá Werneck and Rafael Vitti Photo: publicity/ tv globo