Tarot Predictions: All About Love, Work & Health in August 2022

Tarot Predictions: All About Love, Work & Health in August 2022

Heartbreak Month Coming? According to the predictions of tarotAugust 2022 is represented by the letter The carwith a driving and impulsive energy that continues the movement started the previous month by the Wheel of Fortune.

In the Arcanum XII, we see a royal figure, crowned, imposingly driving his carriage as if nothing and no one could stop him. The driver boldly goes further to achieve his goals and desires.

Some trends in August are 👀👇

  • Focus on leaders and authority figures, point out scandals and twists;
  • Disputes can escalate and provoke disproportionate reactions;
  • We can see an intensification of tension and more important events, but we can slowly see the delineation of exhaustion from conflict;
  • We may have news of accidents involving transport vehicles involving important people or affecting the community;
  • Transport and fuel could aggravate their crisis, provoke popular mobilizations and be highlighted in the press;
  • Favorable climate for demonstrations;
  • Relevant scientific advances and public interest can gain prominence in key communication tools.

Next we will see those predictions from tarot in the areas of love, work and health. But if you need help planning the month of August, try the monthly tarot for free here.

love in the forecasts of tarot in August 2022

For those looking for love:

  • It’s a good time to strengthen yourself so allow yourself to embrace the opportunities that come your way as this is a great time to get to know someone.
  • It is very important to think about what you have to offer and if you are ready to start a relationship because it is on the way.

Who is already in a relationship:

  • It’s a good time to travel or to do things that break the couple’s routine. Experience adventures, do sports together, in short, strengthen the relationship.
  • In this sense, it can be a good and productive period in which the couple strengthens their bonds and experiences intense, passionate and delicious moments.

For those not looking for relationships:

  • This is a good month to go on trips, adventures and walks with friends, play sports and take care of yourself a lot.

For unemployed:

  • This can be a great time to change this situation, but Arcanum VII is asking you to take control of the situation and act on it. If you do this, the chances of success are much higher.
  • Circulate, socialize, communicate, send resumes.
  • There is the possibility of change within the work, e.g. B. a promotion, a change of industry or function, but always for the better and in the desired direction, or a trip, if possible into professional reality.
  • If you are selfemployed there will likely be an increase in clientele, improvement and improvement of the product and service.
  • Regarding health, The car Draws attention to the musculoskeletal system, i.e. arms and legs, feet and hands, bones and muscles.
  • Arcanum VII invites us to practice the sport within the limits of everyone. And don’t forget to take care of mental and emotional health as well. It is important to ask for specialized help, such as psychotherapy.

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