Tania, the guerrilla that didn’t fire a shot

Tania, the guerrilla that didn’t fire a shot

Haydee Tamara Bunke Biderwhich passed over as Castro’s historiography Tanja, the guerrilladied 55 years ago in Vado del Yeso, Bolivia without firing a shot; strangely breaking the rules of secret work and contributing to the end of the guerrilla CheDoomed to fail since leaving Havana.

Her mission in Bolivia was to inject her facade as a folklore researcher into the Bolivian upper class, a goal she achieved without major setbacks; under the false identity of Laura Gutierrez Bauerbut its subsequent behavior selling to that Che and La Paz’s secret urban network, still amazes locals and foreigners alike.

The arrival of the informers in La Paz Regis Debray Y Cyrus busts was the trigger for the costly indiscipline of Tanya; he gave up his permanent position in the Bolivian capital to take on the task of bringing visitors to the Ñancahuazú area where the guerrillas operated; gesture that pissed off the Che and to the urban underground network of the local communist party, who saw the irresponsible action as a demonstration of racism and white and European supremacy; Disdain the native agents to complete the mission.

But there is a basic key to clarifying the strange behavior of Tanya, on his journey from La Paz to eastern Bolivia; leads to discourage Y busts, packed with almost every bit of information about the guerrilla group and La Paz’s urban network; including maps, names, addresses and telephone numbers; An unexpected gift for the CIA and local counterintelligence who only had to open the jeep left in front of a hotel Camirito find real treasure.

Justifiers of absurdities, they usually argue the bullshit with it Tanya he burned with desire to go into battle and would have forced his enlistment in the guerrillas; but the fallacy falls of its own weight, for she was not a young girl with revolutionary zeal, but an operational officer trained by the KGBthe Stasi and the DGI Cubans who used the beaches of Baracoa and Cienfuegos for their spy games.

Cuba, Soviet Union, German Democratic Republic (GDR); where Tanya arrived when he was 15 years old, they never wanted to release the files of the mythical guerrilla Ernesto Guevara de la Sernawhich, in eleven months of hard survival, achieved no local incorporation, and did not even provide alternative rendezvous points with its commander-led rearguard Juan Vitalio Acuna Nunez (Joaquín), who wandered to Vado del Yeso’s fatal ambush; Prelude to liquidation Che and most of his guerrilla group.

That is the official thesis Guevara divided the column in two to separate the vanguard and center; where he was always protected, from the guerrillas in worse physical condition, which was not the case with him Tanya still from Braulio; but the real reason is that the Che commissioned Joaquin the exfiltration of discourage, busts and buns; Operation that frustrated the Bolivian Army with the capture of both men and the group’s retreat, leaving the only woman trapped with her companions in the jungle; Little did the guerrilla chief know that his super agent in La Paz had already been discovered because the Bolivian government silenced Camiri’s discovery in order to dismantle the city’s secret network.

The United States and Bolivia are also keeping their Cold War skirmish files secret, which has filled pages with lies; propagated by the sectarian and opportunist left; encouraged by Havana not to explain how Fidel Castro had to roll down the window Che because I couldn’t open a front with him kremlinalready in anger with that White House.

Tanya was never a lover Che; The only partner she wanted to marry and have children with was Ulises Estrada LescailleCommander’s subordinate Manuel Pineiro Losada; first in the secret service (technical deputy ministry), then in the national liberation and finally in the America department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Damaso Jose Lescaille Tabareswas his real name and in his last years he wrote a book justifying his girlfriend, who called him her black boy.

read diary Harry pombo Villegas , a document manipulated at will by Castroism; with the consent of its author, tells the complaint of Tanya the Che because of sexual harassment Jose Maria dad Martinez Tamayo; and the theory of his acquaintance with Guevara it obeys only the Latin American and Cuban macho epic; throbbing reality with the stupidity of praising supposed genital attributes of the President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudezlike he did recently Gerardthe sane spy.

If he Che Y Tanya If they had been lovers, there would have been no point in sending them to their certain deaths, because if anyone knew they would not leave Bolivia alive, then that was it Ernest Guevara sitting in the dentist’s chair Luis Carlos García GutierrezFisín replied that he didn’t have to worry about a small cave because “in six months the pigs will play with my caravel”.

Tanyawho adopted his pseudonym in homage to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Soviet partisan who used this nom de guerre during World War II; and although he was one of the pre-eminent officers of the Phantom Operation, as Cuba called part of its subversion in Latin America; it was deadlier to the guerrillas than the CIA; although he paid with his life, the strange error or the fulfillment of the orders emanating from the main centers of Moscow, Berlin and Havana.

The then Bolivian captain Rene Vargas Salinas recruited the farmer Honora Rojaswith bayonet points and death threats that included his family, and obtained the key information of the time when the group of Joaquin would cross the river Gypsum Ford; killing all but two guerrillas; and included Tanyawhich was the only one to receive a Christian burial by order of the then president Rene Barrientos; a decision that years later facilitated the location of his remains for repatriation to Cuba.

When everyone was in the water, a concerted salvo of rifles knocked out most of the guerrillas without giving them time to react, except Brauliothe only one who could shoot killed a soldier. Tanya She attempted to use her M-2 rifle but was hit by a shot and the current carried her body away; found days later.

Freddie Maimura he was captured, but when he confronted his captors, they murdered him; was the sole survivor of the ambush Jose Castillo Chavez, who managed to get out alive; He got swept away by the waters, was arrested and tortured days later in Valle Grande, but lived until 2008, when he died in La Paz.

Restore Jose Cabrera he also survived the ambush but was captured and killed in the Palmarito River on September 4, 1967; tributary of the Ñancahuazú.

The deaths of Vilo Acuna, Israel Reyes, and Gustavo Machin (Cuban); Walter Arancibia, Moises Guevara, Apolinar Aquino, Freddy Maymura (Bolivian), the Peruvian Restore Jose Cabrera Y Haydee Tamara Bunke Bider, daughter of German and Polish communists; are the responsibility of Fidel Castro-Ruz because Moscow did not support its subversive internationalization in response to the 1960 US embargo.

dead Manuel Piñeiro, Ulises Estrada, Renán Montero and Hector Gallo Portieles, chief and officers of the then Cuban DGI; one would only hope so John Carter leave testimony of this suicidal adventure; but it’s likely he won’t because he learned many years ago that communists are useful even after death.

Then, Ernest Guevara did not know the error in all its dimensions and perhaps never did Tanya, left La Paz and left plenty of secret information in the vehicle used. Whether it was a costly mistake or whether he was following orders from Moscow, Berlin and Havana will only be known after at least a hundred years; Meanwhile, the Cuban pioneers will continue to proclaim that they want to be like them Che and the pages of newspapers and the Internet will continue to portray the unfired guerrilla as an internationalist heroine; despite the fact that he was just another pawn sacrificed in the prime of his life.