Tania Rios wife of Christian Dominguez assures that she has

Tania Ríos, wife of Christian Domínguez, assures that she has not signed a divorce decree

Tanya Riosthe wife of the cumbia singer Christian Dominguez, denied signing any document in the process of his divorce. As recalled, at the end of 2022, the member of “America Today” He publicly asserted that after more than twenty years, he was on the verge of legally separating from his ex-partner.

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From the US, Tania spoke to a reporter from Magaly TV: La Firme, who assured her Domínguez had not contacted her to start the process. “This topic (divorce) doesn’t exist in my life at all, I don’t know anything, completely zero, minus zero, so nothing,” he said at the beginning.

“Did he send you any documents?” the “Urraco” asked him. To which she replied confused: “Nothing that is nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

In this sense, Tania Ríos revealed that she only signed a paper in 2005, but that it would not be valid and since then no one has communicated with her.

The Magaly Medina program also communicated with Christian Domínguez by telephone; However, he refused to testify on the subject. “Handsome papa, listen to me. What channel am I from? You know I can’t speak Daddy I can’t help you, well I won’t tell you anything. Why are you like that? Your whole life you don’t change, you don’t change. Leave me alone daddy” was all he said.

For her part, Magaly Medina assured that her production had carried out a “scan” to find evidence of the divorce; however, they found nothing. “He should stop announcing he’s getting a divorce or that he’s divorced when it’s not true. We even consulted his first wife, Tania Ríos, and she said she had no idea,” he said.

2023-01-28 09-23-28Tania Ríos, wife of Christian Domínguez, assures that she has not signed a divorce decree

Christian and his answer to the question about a wedding with Pamela: “I’m not getting divorced now to get married”

Christian Dominguez surprised after announcing he has no plans to get engaged at the moment Pamela FrancoMother of his last daughter, although he’s already divorced Tanya Riosto whom she was married for two decades.

The leader of the “Gran Orquesta Internacional” explained that his priority at the moment is to buy a big house. “Our priority is to buy a big house since we live in an apartment. The idea is to have a larger space. If everything goes according to plan, we will talk about the wedding, maybe at the end of the year or early next year, there is no date,” he said in a recent interview with the newspaper El Popular.

In addition, he made it clear that he did not divorce in order to get married immediately. “Of course I’m not divorcing now to get married,” he added.