Tania Rincón molested by NFL player: ‘Are you married?  What if we go?’

Tania Rincón molested by NFL player: ‘Are you married? What if we go?’

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Mexico City / 01/17/2023 16:49:23

It’s one of the most charismatic and beautiful presenters of Mexican televisionBut many know her from her time on magazine shows like TV Azteca’s Venga la Alegría and now Televisa’s Hoy Tania Rincón is also on TUDN Speaking of sports, a facet that’s not new given his experience at Fox Sports.

As part of that medium, she’s been able to attend incredible events like the 2018 and 2022 World Championships, but it wasn’t all honey on flakes for the Michoacan, who revealed he was molested by an NFL player at a promotional event she attended with her husband.

“Once I arrived at a hotel in CDMX with my husband and he noticed it too. It was an NFL player who was visiting because it was Super Bowl dates or something, he promoted the game and He told me: ‘I see that you are married’to which I replied yes, that I am going with my husband. And he continued, “You don’t wanna do nothing for a while” and I told him again that I’m with my husband, he didn’t take his finger off the line,” the host said in an interview with Yordi Rosado.

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“It didn’t work from then on. He was cynical because he saw me going with my husband. It used to happen to me that when I was interviewing a public figure, they thought you would say yes, it costs a little more to put them in their place, but it has never come to anything.

Who is Tania Rincón’s husband?

His name is Daniel Perez Farias, They have been married since 2011 and according to the host, he works in the human resources department of an advertising agency. Rincón himself insists that given her devotion to such contrasting subjects, she finds it “fascinating” to be able to talk to him about disparate subjects.