Tale and which show: also a face of soap operas in the cast

Tale and which show: also a face of soap operas in the cast

Also this year, in autumn, Tale and Quali Show return. Rumors have swirled for weeks about the potential new rivals for the celebrity talent who’s devoted to pop star impersonation, but in the last few hours a well-known international actor has been at the center of rumors surrounding his likelihood of joining Carlo Conti’s program.

In autumn early evening Rai Uno will come back Such and which showone of the Flagship Network’s flagship Friday programs.

For a few weeks there have been numerous rumors about the stocks of nearest competitorand there is talk of different participation hypotheses among the former competitors of Big Brother VIP 6.

Not only that, these days another big name has been announced for the list of participants by the weekly newspaper Nuovo, this time from the world of International soap operas.

From Beautiful, the new competitor to Tale and which Show?

The news was published by the weekly newspaper Nuovo, which only recently announced the ongoing negotiations Such and which show and ronn mossvery famous actor mainly thanks to the role of ridge in the US soap opera Nice.

The actor, again according to Nuovo’s reports, would have been auditioned in recent days, and Karl accountsconductor of Such and which show and great friend of ronn mosshe would have chosen to shortlist him as a celebrity talent candidate at all costs.

Ronn Moss: his connection to Italy

The actor Ron Moss he is very attached to Italy, where he recently moved Pugliain a residence where he likes to spend his time and above all to meet some Italian celebrities with whom he is friends linen Banfiwith whom he starred in a film that was released in the last few days, surprise trip.

Not only that when negotiating for Such and which showit would not be the actor’s first participation in an Italian show: in 2010, in fact, he was among the competitors of Dancing with the starsand in 2021 he participated star in the star.

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