1664706195 Tale and which Show 2022 the ranking of the first

Tale and which Show 2022, the ranking of the first episode of September 30: Antonino wins

It was Antonino Spadaccino who won the first episode of the Tale and Quali Show 2022 with the imitation of Marco Masini in the B-ware “T’innamorerai”.

Tale and which Show 2022 the ranking of the first

Antonino Spadaccino wins the first bet with 75 points So and what show 2022 was broadcast on Rai1 on Friday 30th September in prime time. Among the few singers in the competition, Antonino triumphed through detachment, asserting himself and convincing thanks to his exceptional vocal ability Imitation of Marco Masini who called live to give a compliment.

Marco Masini names Tale and Quali Show after imitating Antonino Spadaccino

Antonino brought the song “T’innamorerai” to the stage and in front of the jury of the talent show moderated by Carlo Conti. Applause for him in the studio as the audience got a standing ovation. Impressed, Masini also called Carlo Conti live to compliment him. “But is it Antonino? I’m taller but other than that we’re at an excellent level. I almost believed it”. The jury was also positively impressed.

Tale and Who Show 2022 Ranking

The complete ranking of first episode of Tale and which Show 2022 He saw Antonino Spadaccino in first place (he imitated Marco Masini and got 79 points), followed by second place by Gilles Rocca (last, 59 points) and the bronze medal by Rosalinda Cannavò (The representative of the list, 53 points). In fourth place Claudio Lauretta (Renzo Arbore, 52 points), followed by fifth position by Alessandra Mussolini (Rosanna Fratello, 49 points) and sixth by Samira Lui (Corona, 46 points). Seventh place for Andrea Dianetti (Damiano dei Maneskin, 44 points), eighth for Elena Ballerini (Olivia Newton John, 43 points), ninth for Valentina Persia (Teresa De Sio, 30 points). Only tenths Francesco Paolantoni and Gabriele Cirilli (Mahmood and Blanco, 27 points), but in last place ended up Valeria Marini, emulating Britney Spears with only 26 points.

Purple as the Sea at 20% holds its own against Tale and which Show, it’s a first for a Mediaset fiction