Take a little shot, it’s beautiful!  – Journal

Take a little shot, it’s beautiful! – Journal

The priests of food puritanism are zealous.

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This week, some told us that in order to stay healthy, we had to practically eliminate alcohol from our lives. Granted, they do nuance when they say that. Now they’re talking about moderation. Finally, they dream of exile.

It must be said that over the years such priests have wanted to curse cured meats, cheeses, meats and even Nutella!


However, life is not just a biological conservation enterprise.

Those who promise us immortality on condition that they feed us like Scandinavian vegans dream above all of letting us live in a glass, in a perfectly controlled environment, without parties, without celebrations, without excess, without pleasure. How can one not see a form of hygienic authoritarianism here?

I wouldn’t be surprised if I was told that the theorists of good-little-drinking are the same ones who invited lovers to have sex without kissing during the pandemic.

This smooth existence under the sign of absolute transparency is another name for a promise of boredom.

Unashamedly, my friends, we must embrace life in its excesses. We only have one! What memories will we have at the end of our lives, if we avoid the party and the glass to boot, those of final intimacy, unexpected complicity?


It’s not about going crazy. It’s not good to see yourself as Obelix on a daily basis. It would be foolish to end up like a drunk.

But as the song says, it’s nice to take a little puff! And as another song says, “Let’s have a drink, let’s have a drink, cheers, dear!” To the health of the King of France! And fuck the King of England who declared war on us! »

I add: and fuck the new hygienist priests! I will still take a glass, and even two, to their health!

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