Take a deep breath before you know the exorbitant sum

Take a deep breath before you know the exorbitant sum Shakira deserves for her renewed success against Piqué

Shakira is living through perhaps her best moment in her artistic career considering she’s dating after her breakup and divorce Gerard piqueShe released three songs that harshly criticized the former footballer. Although the first two were explicit, the last song he featured alongside Bizarrap pointed directly to his children’s father, leading to memes and thousands of repercussions. Thanks to her latest hit, the Colombian singer has managed to amass a huge fortune, and it’s well known.

The year 2022 ended in the best sense for Shakira artistic, considering that after his scandalous breakup with his partner, he released two songs that meant a critique of the ex-footballer called “Te Felicito” and “Monotonía”. But apparently the 45-year-old Colombian had something else in mind and was working on a new music session with Argentine producer Bizarrap. All viewer records were broken within a very short time.

Shakira and bizarre rap in their new session. Source Instagram @shakira

Or good Shakira presented Music Session #53 along with Bizarrap, and due to the repercussions, Gerard Piqué, through his stream and Kings League account, tried to minimize the effect and joked with the brands the Colombian named. There was also strong criticism for Clara Chía Martí, the new girlfriend of the former footballer. On the other hand, the artist’s new song became the biggest debut in Spanish music history, reaching over 14 million views in 24 hours.

This is Shakira’s net worth for the piqué edition

Thanks to the tremendous response that the song from Shakira to piqueIt was revealed what the singer earns per day. Spanish TV show ‘Ana Rosa Program’ has reported that the 45-year-old Colombian singer has earned more than two and a half million dollars for the song. With the previous two hits, his ex managed to line his pockets.

Shakira broke all records. Source Instagram @shakira

It is so successful that the new theme of Shakira With Bizarrap garnering the support of thousands of people including Karol G. La Bichota, he apparently had intentions of collaborating with the Colombian singer after he saw a t-shirt that read “You stayed” in a Los Angeles Lakers game big” had worn. which would give hints of a song together.


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