Taiwan crisis, China announces end of exercises: now "regular patrols"

Taiwan crisis, China announces end of exercises: now "regular patrols"

Beijing has announced the completion of military operations, but without sacrificing “patrols,” Taiwan’s response is skeptical

Published on: 08/10/2022 14:38

Claudio Carollo


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China has announced that military maneuvers around Taiwan will be halted. After days of international tensions sparked by Beijing’s retaliation for US spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, operations are halted shortly before the conflict begins. Only yesterday the foreign ministry on the small island sounded the alarm about an imminent invasion of the People’s Republic. Risk averted for the time being.

Taiwan, the end of the Chinese exercises

As reported by Chinese TV station CGTN, citing a military spokesman, “the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command successfully completes joint military operations around the island of Taiwan”.

After days of fueling provocations by repeatedly crossing the center line of the Taiwanese excavation with its fleet, Beijing is now announcing the completion of the exercises, but specifying that the operation will not actually be halted and that the army will “organize regular patrols”. Area Area that insists on “operational readiness”.

As reported by the Chinese tabloid Global Times, the command claims to have “successfully completed several missions” in the recent exercises around Taiwan, “effectively tested the combat capability of the troops in the joint operation” and announces their coming. “regularly organized patrols on standby in the Taiwan Strait“.

Chinese armed forces leaders have assured the newspaper’s columns that they will “resolutely protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” and will proceed with training and other preparations.

Taiwan crisis, China announces end of exercisesPhoto source: ANSA Military exercises on the island of Taiwan in response to the Beijing maneuvers

Taiwan’s reaction

On the other hand, Taiwan reacts with skepticism to the Beijing communiqué: “While the People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theater Command announces the end of their joint military operation and will conduct routine patrols – according to the Taipei Ministry of Defense – the armed forces will support the Taiwanese armies the way Forces deployed, taking into account various factors, including troop morale and threats, without losing your guard“.

The Taiwan question

The announcement comes hours after the Communist Party circulated a new “white paper” reaffirming this the issue of Taiwan, which is de facto independent but is considered an “inalienable part” of Chinese territory.

In the release, the Taiwan Affairs Bureau and the Central Government Information Bureau wrote that China is ready, “create a large space for peaceful reunification“With the island, but without promising to ‘refrain from the use of force’.”

The document, titled “The Taiwan Question and China’s Reunification in the New Era,” is the first since Xi Jinping’s rise to power, with the last update dating back to 2000.


Photo source: ANSA