Taís Araujo celebrates ‘Empreguetes’ reunion and keeps secret about the group

Taís Araujo celebrates ‘Empreguetes’ reunion and keeps secret about the group

Taís Araujo, 43, cheered up fans by sharing a reunion with Empreguetes, a fictional band from TV Globo’s soap opera Cheias de Charme (2012). The actress posed alongside Isabelle Drummond and Leandra Leal, who made up the trio on the show.

Joining the actresses in the photo are Denise Saraceni, director of the 7pm soap opera, and costume designer Gogoia Sampaio, who also worked on the channel’s series.

“The internet is ready to break? Actresses, directors and costume designers from ‘Cheias de Charme’ gathered on a rainy Tuesday night. Why is that???” the actress wrote in a post on Instagram.

“Will there be a sequel?”

In the comments, Isabelle also joked about the mystery, asking, “Why is that?”. The costume designer commented, “Let’s go.”

Cláudia Abreu, who played Chayene on the soap opera, commented on her work friends’ reunion. “Chay’s darling!” he said. Monica Iozzi was delighted with the meeting of actresses. “My God!!!!! Will there be a sequel???? I loved it,” she asked.

“Don’t play with my heart,” said one fan. “Good things are coming! How yummy! I loved this novel so much,” said another fan. “I’m going to cry,” another wrote. “I’m looking forward to the next chapters,” commented a user of the social network. “Oh, my heart is crying. I love you so much. Come here, come a lot,” gushed one fan.

The 7pm telenovela told the story of the characters Maria da Penha, Maria do Rosário and Maria Aparecida, three maids played by actresses Leandra, Taís and Isabelle respectively. The trio discovers their passion for the stage and the three of them become stars in the middle of the music, but face some obstacles and problems with the bosses along the way.