1674684759 Tagada Tarquinio freezes Ukraine Tanks of little use The Prophecy

Tagadà, Tarquinio freezes Ukraine: “Tanks of little use”. The Prophecy That Makes the West Tremble Time

Tagada Tarquinio freezes Ukraine Tanks of little use The Prophecy

Marco Tarquinio, director of L’Avvenire, is a guest on the January 25 episode of Tagadà, the La7 talk show hosted by Tiziana Panella, who will explore with the journalist the subject of the war between Ukraine and Russia and in particular would like to address the issue of tanks that Western forces are sending to Kyiv: “A tank in combat-ready condition may not have more than 5 minutes to live. I was a lieutenant in tank crews, and these are all gold medals in memory … A well-equipped modern anti-tank helicopter is enough to knock out a platoon of five tanks. In addition to drones and satellite weapons, tanks are not essential. Do you remember the dead on the Russian side this summer? Do you remember all the Russian ironclads? All these tankers thrown to the front by Vladimir Putin are dead. It must be known that the chariots are important in battles and especially in certain attempts to hold certain parts of the territory with a complex orography, therefore they can be useful in the Donbass . According to the journalist, they are not absolutely crucial. All this is happening in anticipation of Russia’s Great March Offensive. We need to understand when these vehicles will arrive and when they can be moved.”

We will destroy US tanks.  The threat from the Kremlin

“Ukrainians – continues Tarquinio – have a great desire, those who say that there is a part of the Ukrainian people who sacrifice themselves are right, every day there are hundreds of dead, a generation is being wiped out that won’t return. It is very clear to me what those who go to the front are suffering… This war, at this rate, is, as many analysts are beginning to say, inexorably drawing towards the presence of western men on the ground, more than there are international brigades at present “.