Tadeu Schmidt spoilers BBB 23 and says the leader will

Tadeu Schmidt spoilers BBB 23 and says the leader will have new powers

Tadeu Schmidt, 48, hinted at the news from BBB 23 (TV Globo) in a new video posted on the reality show’s social networks.

In the 23rd edition of the show, according to the presenter, the leader gets new powers and the house has also been renovated.

changes in dynamics. Besides the leader’s new powers, Tadeu also reveals that the BBB 23 will get a “new move”, without giving any further details.

Renovated house. As usual, the house has been renovated for the new edition. “New living room, new bedrooms, new kitchens, renovated bathroom, new confessional box, everything is beautiful, everything is wonderful,” Tadeu said. In early December, Boninho gave reality fans a “sneak peek” and showed the progress of the prison’s work.

Glass house and variation of the price. As previously announced by TV Globo, Tadeu mentioned that the BBB 23 will have a greenhouse before the start of the broadcast, still undated, and also spoke about the change in the final price, which will vary throughout the season.

The reboot of BBB 23 starts on January 16th.