Taapsee Pannu slams KRK for spreading hate against Bollywood: ‘How stupid’ – Hindustan Times

Taapsee Pannu slams KRK for spreading hate against Bollywood: ‘How stupid’ – Hindustan Times

Taapsee Pannu responded to Hansal Mehta’s tweet defending the actor’s latest film, Dobaaraa. The filmmaker tweeted after reports suggested the film would be removed from theaters. Now Taapsee has slammed Kamaal R Khan, who criticized the film’s box office collection. (Also read: Hansal Mehta defends Dobaaraa from Taapsee Pannu)

After Hansal said Dobaara had done “more than decent” business with 370 screens, Taapsee replied: “Sir, no matter how many times you repeat a lie, it won’t become the truth. And these people, who are only relevant because of the movies, are just trying to hurt the industry. Imagine how stupid they are. However, Dobaaraa is a bit difficult for them to understand, can you blame them?”

Taapsee Pannu's tweet.
Taapsee Pannu’s tweet.

“#Dobaaraa did 72 lacs from 370 screens. Which is more than decent. It is these self-proclaimed experts/critics that are part of the malaise that affects us. The industry created these monsters by getting used to them, paying them and now being kicked in the back by them,” Hansal Mehta tweeted with screenshots of Kamaal Rashid Khan and Rohit Jaiswal’s tweets.

Dobaaraa received positive reviews from critics and much acclaim from several Bollywood celebrities during its first screenings. However, according to current box office reports, the film was doing just 72 lakh at the box office. “#Dobaaraa opens to better than expected numbers… Much better than #Taapsee’s previous film #ShabaashMithu in fact… Picked up at select premium multiplexes for evening/night shows… Fri ₹72 lacs.” [370 screens]’ film trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​said on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Hindustan Times review of Dobaaraa said: “Dobaaraa has much left unsaid and needs to be understood, and this is where the intricate and complex plot begins. Even though it’s a scene-by-scene adaptation of a Spanish film, it has its own impact on the story and makes for an entertaining watch.”

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