Syria, new armed clashes between Turkish military and Kurdish militias in north  east: 22 victims

Syria, new armed clashes between Turkish military and Kurdish militias in north east: 22 victims

It does not stop the Turkish military operation in the Syrian northeast against the Popular protection unit (Ypg/Ypj). During the last armed clashes between Ankara and Kurdish militias are also said to lose their lives 22 militiamen and 2 Turkish soldiersbut was also one infant. The bombing ordered by the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan They are interested in the new military operation ordered weeks ago kobanethe “martyr city” of the war against the caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, e.g Qamishli.

Turkey’s Defense Ministry said it had killed “22 terrorists in the region” in response to an attack mortar shots yesterday to Birecikin the province Sanliurfa, in the south-east of Turkey, a few kilometers from the border with Syria. The government added that two Turkish soldiers were killed in the operation. “We keep beating targeted goals in the region,” Ankara said.

However, according to the National Observatory for Human Rights in Syria, the death toll was stopped at 19, but they were the first, then also followed by the pan-Arab media and a statement by the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), representing the Kurdish community in Turkey, whose leaders were detained by Ankara for arguing that a child was among the victims.

The Syrian government agency Sana instead reports the killing in the north Aleppo, of three government soldiers who died in a Turkish airstrike. Western and Middle Eastern diplomatic sources, quoted by the Syrian and regional media, reiterate today that the Russia and theIran They recently opposed a massive Turkish military offensive in northern Syria, but agreed that Ankara would conduct “targeted operations” against the Kurds in the north of the country.

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